Please note: if you’re not comfortable using the word “God”, by all means substitute a word that you’re comfortable with, be it Jesus, Mother Mary, Goddess, All That Is, The Universe, Life, Creator, etc. You can also substitute your own words as you see fit. To add extra “power” to these affirmations, place a “feeling” word in front of the affirmation. For example: “I am excited that an ideal Universe is a safe and loving place”. Or, “I’ve decided that God shall supply all my needs.”

Affirmations For Chakra 1:
*The Universe is a safe and loving place.
*I am safe in this world.
*I was ordained to be here, right now, at this time.
*God shall supply all my needs.
*There is enough for everyone, including me.
*I belong, and have a right to be here.
*I am able to stand up for myself.
*The earth and all its wonders nourish me. The trees, rocks, and soil—they are gifts from the Creator which teem with life.
*I am rooted and grounded in Life.

Affirmations For Chakra 2:
*I am co-creator with the Divine.
*I am creative, and creativity flows through me.
*Sexuality is sacred, and is meant to be enjoyed.
*I celebrate the gift of sexuality.
*I can, and will, receive and give pleasure.
*I release all blame and guilt. I am washed clean by the love of the Creator.
*I am ethical and honorable in all my dealings.
*I release my need to control others. What others do is none of my business.
*I honor all that come across my path. They are an expression of the Divine.
*I release all monetary concerns to the Universe. I attract what I need, and am blessed.

Affirmations For Chakra 3:
*I release all fear to God.
*I am strong, and I am confident.
*I have what it takes to make my way in the world.
*I respect and care for myself.
*Judgments from others say more about them than me. I release all critical judgments placed upon me.
*I am able to make decisions, and choose with awareness. I can always choose again.
*I trust the Divine in me.
*I release intimidation.
*Courage flows through me.
*I can stand on my own two feet.

Affirmations For Chakra 4:
*I release all grief to the Divine.
*My heart is softened and filled with love.
*I forgive myself.
*I forgive others and release all bitterness.
*Compassion flows through me from the Divine; I am compassionate towards myself, and others.
*God is love, and I am love.
*Perfect love casts out all fear.
*I release resentments and grudges. I accept healing now.
*Let love fill my heart, and warmth flood my being.
*I trust in the healing power of Love.

Affirmations For Chakra 5:
*I choose to express myself in my own unique way.
*I speak up for myself when I need to.
*I release the habit of gossip.
*I use my voice to bless others.
*I am following my dreams.
*Whether through singing, cooking, painting, scrap booking, journaling, or writing, I express myself creatively.
*I say what I mean, and mean what I say.
*I release addictions to the Divine.
*I use my Will to choose this day.
*I allow myself empowerment for creation.

Affirmations For Chakra 6:
*I walk in truth, and allow truth.
*I allow myself to see clearly.
*I am open to the ideas and perspectives of others.
*I learn from my experiences.
*I am able to study and concentrate.
*I am introspective, and evaluate myself honestly.
*I use my intellectual abilities in conjunction with my heart.
*I am open to hearing Guidance, and following through.
*I am adequate for the task at hand.
*I learn with ease and with joy.

Affirmations For Chakra 7:
*I am able to see the big picture.
*I draw nourishment and strength from spiritual practice.
*I release the fear of God’s punishment. I am accepted in the Beloved.
*I partake in the Divine nature, and welcome mystical experience.
*I have faith that all is well.
*I am open to serve humanitarian outreaches.
*I release exhaustion and welcome spiritual refreshment.
*I release to the Divine the need to know “why”.
*I trust that Life is by Design, and I am a part of this plan.
*I receive inspiration and spiritual illumination this day.

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