The Chakra Deck – Olivia H. Miller
“Within the body like seven vital energy centers. We can’t see or feel them; they won’t show up in an X ray or MRI. Yet, for thousands of years, Eastern cultures have recognized their importance to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Through these centers, known as chakras, life energy flows and is processed.” – From The Chakra Deck

The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheel” which refers to the seven circular vortices of energy that are aligned vertically from the base of the spine. Chakras regulate energy flow, which can both expand and contract. Trauma, illness and stress can cause imbalances, resulting in blocked (deficient) energy or overloaded (excessive) energy. Balanced chakras, however, allow energy to flow freely, promoting health, vitality and harmony.

Each of the seven chakras governs different areas of life, and correlate to parts of the body, colors, sounds, mudras (hand positions), elements, essential oils and more:

Root Chakra – Red – Safety
Sacral Chakra – Orange – Relationships and Creativity
Solar Plexus (Navel) Chakra – Yellow – Personality and Willpower
Heart Chakra – Green (and Pink) – Love and Compassion
Throat Chakra – Blue – Expression and Communication
Third Eye (Brow) Chakra – Indigo – Intuition
Crown Chakra – Violet (White/Gold) – Union with the All That Is

According to Olivia Miller, it is not necessary to know which chakras are unbalanced or what has caused the imbalance in order to bring balance to them again. She maintains that chakras can be cleared, rebalanced, and energized through yoga, controlled deep breathing (pranayama), meditation, gemstones, crystals, flower essences and essential oils.

The Chakra Deck contains 50 color-coded cards with seven card dedicated to each chakra and one card addressing the aura—the electromagnetic protective shield that surrounds the body. A 4-part fold-out accompanies the deck and serves as an introduction to the chakras as well as an instruction manual for getting the most out of the deck. The cards measure approximately 5.5 x 3.75 inches and come in a sturdy gold-colored box. The top comes off easily, providing easy access to the deck, and the box can stand upright.

The seven cards for each chakra include:

Description Card – Lists basic information such as English and Sanskrit names, physical location, associated body parts, and key influences such as color, gemstones, flower essences, essential oils, foods, basic issues and more.
Explanation Card – Lists ways to identify imbalances including associated physical, emotional, and behavioral issues—as well as suggested activities beneficial to achieving balance.
Breathing Exercise Card and Three Yoga Pose Cards – Each card features an illustration of the pose on one side while the other side provides easy-to-follow instructions, list of benefits, and a suggested affirmation targeting a specific chakra. These are designed to move stagnant or constricted energy, balance the glandular system, relieve stress, and balance the respiratory and central nervous system.
Meditation Card – Aids in fully integrating the chakra’s energy throughout the entire being.

The Chakra Deck is a no-frills set of cards that are full of helpful information and practical exercises. Color-coded, numbered, and labeled, these concise cards are great for learning, understanding, and balancing the chakras.

Below are 6 images from the deck:

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