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Raves About the Coffee Tarot
My deck came today and it's AWESOME! I love coffee and I Love this deck. The charm on the bag is just adorable. Thank you for creating such a fun deck and set! -- Karen K.

Coffee, delish biscotti and a gorgeous set of cards in front of me!!!! Does life get any better?!?!?! I think not. Delivered to my door while in my jammies and java in hand. Thank you so much Janet and Ron. I'll report back when I've done some readings  These are stunning!! -- Leanne H.

Oh wow, it's super-duper awesomely magic!! I love it. After an initial quick look through, the naughtiest bit of all the images is on Seeking......BABY'S 1st Cup: Tips On Serving Coffee In The Crib. LOL, I was that baby! I am a true Caf-fiend. Beautiful bag and charm. Was it worth waiting for? Oh YES!! Thank you. -- Willow M.

I received my deck, the coaster, the drawstring bag, the biscotti, and the beautiful box yesterday. Wow! I was blown away by how beautiful it all was. -- Darrell G.

i got my cards in on saturday and LOVED them! i didn't start working with them until today, and they were on the mark. thank you both for making such a easy to read oracle! -- Abbi D.

I just got my beautiful Coffee Tarot cards and they are really nice. I love all the little extras. Thank you again so much for everything and I am looking forward to work with my cards soon. Love XX -- Samira S.

I just received my Coffee Tarot deck, OMG they are beautiful!!! I knew they would look great from seeing the pics here, but I still wasn't prepared for how wonderful they were up close & personal! The artwork is out of this world! Thank you, Janet & Ron, for your exacting standards; they are something I'm going to treasure! -- Anne W.

I received the Coffee Tarot. LOVE it!  Plus the little goodies. I am so glad I ordered it. Thank you. -- Janet K.

Thanks so much for the Coffee Tarot cards. They are BEAUTIFUL! I loved the bag and hubby and I enjoyed the treats. The bag is so neat with the little coffee cup on it. -- Anne J.

I love the symbolism you both have created from the Coffee Tarot.... wow .... I think it is richly illustrated. For me it isn't about colour but symbology and there is plenty of symbology in this Tarot deck. Ron is a very talented artist and together you really are an incredible team. Looking forward to discovering your journey with you...xx -- Paula D.
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The first deck to correlate coffee—the beans, the growing, the roasting, the brewing, the enjoying—with the archetypes of Tarot.
Full Deck with Bag (U.S.) - $59.95
Full Deck with Bag (Elsewhere) - $84.95
Full Color Companion Book (U.S.) - $39.95
Full Color Companion Book (Elsewhere) - $64.95
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Shipping of decks will begin in November 2017. Books, in November/December.
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