Coffee Wisdom – 7 Finely-Ground Principles for a Well-Balanced Life by Theresa Cheung
"The seven principles of coffee wisdom are as rich, enlightening, and invigorating as the beverage they celebrate. Whether you decided to dip into or read this book from cover to cover, the positive reflections, practical strategies, and inspirational techniques are all designed to help you stay fully awake, live life to the maximum, and feel good every day. It goes without saying that drinking a delicious cup or two as you read or re-read this book is of course highly recommended." -- Theresa Cheung in Coffee Wisdom

Seven steaming principles for a happier, contented life can be found right under your nose--and in your cup of coffee!

In the delightful book Coffee Wisdom - 7 Finely-Ground Principles for Living a Full-Bodied Life, author Theresa Cheung has brewed up a one-of-a-kind guidebook to both life and coffee. Featuring coffee-personality quizzes, trivia, and quotes, she shows readers how the pleasures of coffee growing, making and drinking parallel 7 principles for better living:

1. Reheating causes bitterness. Your past is the reason, not the excuse.
2. Start with fresh grounds. Learn from your mistakes, don't repeat them.
3. Use the correct grind. Put right what you can and accept what you can't.
4. Use high-quality beans and fresh, pure, cold water. Celebrate your uniqueness.
5. Get the proportions right. Challenge irrational thinking.
6. Boiling destroys the flavor. Check your stress levels.
7. Drink it while it's hot. Live in the present.

From the "penny universities" in 18th century London, to celebrated coffee drinkers like Voltaire and Beethoven, this 173 paged book gives fascinating tidbits on the history of coffee and its notorious drinkers. For example, did you know that France's most prolific author, Honore de Balzac, drank over sixty cups of coffee a day and slept only 2 hours a night? Or that Bach loved coffee so much he composed Coffee Cantata?

Coffee Wisdom provides much more than coffee trivia, self-tests, and recipes, however. Cheung serves as an encourager and cheerleader, coaxing us to release mindsets and habits that no longer serve our well-being and growth. For examople, she shares the story of Roger Bannister, the runner who smashed the world record by running a mile in 4 minutes. After that barrier was broken, runners all over the world began to run 4-minute miles. So it is with our mental barriers, Cheung asserts. If we strongly believe we can achieve something, we will.

Filled with common-sense wisdom and fascinating tidbits, this book is an aromatic treat for both body and soul.

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