Colors and Numbers: Your Personal Guide to Positive Vibrations in Daily Life - Louise Hay
If you've ever read any books from Hay House, you already know about the high-quality, glossy, and sensuous thick paper they use, as well as the vibrant color schemes employed for both their books and inspirational card decks. Colors and Numbers - Your Personal Guide to Positive Vibrations in Daily Life is no exception.

Each page features either colorful and whimsical artwork or painted textures that seem to leap off the page. For example, one page looks like purple, crinkled paper, and another like gray, woven tweed. These are also accented through the pages with words, as well as other collages and pictures of whimsy. It's a nice bit of eye candy, for sure. (What can I say...I'm a sucker for sensual, colorful books!) The illustrator, Tammy Smith, has done a wonderful job in capturing the essence of this book.

However, make no mistake: this book isn't all style and no substance! The introduction features Colors and Numbers at a Glance, and the first chapter goes into the role color and numbers have played in historical and mystical traditions. Hay then instructs you on how to calculate your Personal Year, Month and Day and explains how knowing these numbers can help you attune to vibrational elements specific to yourself. She also covers Double and Triple intensity days and what these mean for you vibrationally, as well as other helpful hints on how to integrate color and be mindful of your Personal Numbers.

A full page is devoted to each of the Personal Years, and Hay provides encouragment and insight for each, as well as how it serves as the "background music" to your life. In addition to this information, there is a short affirmation at the bottom summing up the Year. For example, a #5 Year has the affirmation I welcome change and expand my boundaries!.

A full page is also devoted to each of the Personal Days. Like the Personal Years, Hay illustrates the focus of each specific Personal Day. What should you be looking for? What areas might need attended to? Is relaxation in order--or time to get some things in order? She answers these questions for each and every Personal Day. Like the Personal Years, there is an affirmation, but these are much longer (a paragraph).

A very helpful addition to Colors and Numbers is the personal calendar section. Each month of the year has it's own page in calendar form, so you can calculate your Personal numbers and write them in the blank squares. That way, you know your Personal Month and Day at a glance. Then, you just turn to the corresponding section in the book to see how you can best align yourself to the numeric vibrations that are unique to you--creating a smoother flow for the day by working with a particular vibration.

There is also a list of each of the seven colors of the rainbow, and the foods that correspond to the colors. For example, the Violet section lists blackberries, eggplant, dark grapes, purple plums, passion fruit, and dulse.

I highly recommend Colors and Numbers if you're looking for a new and unique way to be more mindful of your life and how you can better get into a personal flow that works with the current vibrational frequencies. If you're experiencing personal roadblocks in life, mapping your your Personal Numbers could pave a smoother path of ease as you navigate your life and its lessons.

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