Creating Job Security Resource Guide 2009 – Debra Yergen
“There are always jobs for those willing to work. You may not make the same salary you did in a former position, but even in a bad economy jobs are continuously becoming available.” – Debra Yergen

In these tough economic times, financial expert Debra Yergen throws job seekers a welcome lifeline in her new 44-page booklet Creating Job Security Resource Guide 2009.

With immediately usable information gleaned from her larger work, Creating Job Security: The 2009 All-in-One Workbook (available from The Graduate Group), the 2009 Resource Guide provides tips on polishing resumes, standing out from the crowd, comparing competing job offers, finding ideal employment for current needs, adapting to life in between jobs and more.

Yergen also addresses the significance of online social networking, newspaper ads, and work-at-home opportunities such as freelancing, as well as how to stretch your dollar and uncover hidden moneymakers. She also supplies dozens of online websites dedicated to buying and selling goods, locating specialized work, listing job leads, and hooking up with industry groups from a specific field.

The 2009 Creating Job Security Resource Guide also addresses the myth of the “golden handcuffs” (the assumption that  taking a position that pays less than a former job somehow hurts a resume), and includes a mini-version of Yergen’s innovative values-based Green Light Scoring Model, which assesses seven critical considerations to factor into the decision to accept a new position.

If you are looking for work or need to supplement your current income in this difficult economic climate, Debra Yergen’s 2009 Creating Job Security Resource Guide is a great beginning step to get you on your way. The author not only gives practical advice, sensible insights and important websites, but also inspirational encouragement that yes, you can find work and extra money even in this tumultuous job market.

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