Creative Visualization Deck - Shakti Gawain
“Creative visualization is the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life. It is your natural power of imagination, the basic creative energy of the universe, which you use constantly whether or not you are aware of it.” – Shakti Gawain

A pioneer in the field of personal growth and consciousness, bestselling author Shakti Gawain has taught thousands how to use the creative force of the mind for increasing overall well-being. Employing Gawain’s warm and encouraging wisdom, the Creative Visualization Deck is set of 50 cards showing individuals how to use the art of using mental imagery and affirmation to bring about positive life changes.

According to Gawain, the best affirmations are short, positive, stated in the present tense, and accompanied by feelings of excitement, joy, gratitude, and expectancy. Each of the 50 cards in the Creative Visualization Deck depicts a brief affirmation on one side, while the other further elaborates on the theme. Here are a few examples from the deck:

I create my life anew each day.

Remember that you are always creating your life new and fresh. You are not trying to redo or change what already exists. To do so would be to resist what is, which creates struggle and conflict. Take the attitude that you are accepting and handling whatever exists in your life while at the same time recognizing that every moment is a new opportunity to begin creating exactly what you desire and what will make you the happiest.

I patiently trust in the power of the universe.

The only effective way to use creative visualization is in the spirit of the Tao—going with the flow. That means that you don’t have to struggle to get where you want to go. You simply put out clearly to the universe where you would like to go and then patiently and harmoniously follow the flow of the river of life until it takes you there or somewhere even better.

I am following my intuition and my life is fulfilling.

Notice what happens when you doubt, suppress, or act contrary to your intuitive feelings. You will observe decreased energy, powerless, or helpless feelings, and physical or emotional pain. Then notice what happens when you follow your intuitive feelings. Usually the result is increased energy and power and a sense of natural flow. When you’re at one with yourself, the world feels peaceful, exciting, and magical.

The Creative Visualization Deck comes in an attractive and unique flip-top box that has a built-in prop-up frame for displaying a favorite card or a rotation of affirmations for your daily practice.

We’re always creating circumstances through our thoughts, so why not create a life consciously and on purpose through the power of visualization and affirmation? If you’d like to harness the power of your imagination to develop greater awareness, balance, and wholeness, I highly recommend Shakti Gawain’s Creative Visualization Deck for achieving your dreams and birthing your visions.

Below are 3 card images from this deck:

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