Creature Teacher Cards: Animal Wisdom for All Ages - Scott Alexander King
“These cards are meant to act as Sacred Tools of Enrichment and Empowerment. It’s that simple. I want you to be empowered. I need you to feel strong, confident and rich in all areas of your life. Why? Because you deserve it. You’re worthy.” – From the companion book to the Creature Teacher Cards

In the Creature Teacher Cards and book box set, Australian author and Animal Spirit Intuitive Scott Alexander King offers the world a love letter from Mother Earth, encouraging readers to observe, listen and heed the advice of the animal kingdom.

With colorful, skillful illustrations by Sioux Dollman, each of the 45 circular cards feature a particular creature and a short affirmation reflected in its character. From the changing butterfly to the friendly dog, the determined dolphin to the gentle deer, the Creature Teacher Cards serve as an inspirational, oracular and wise guidance tool for young and old alike.

Here are a few of the creatures from the Creature Teacher Cards, as well as their accompanying affirmation:

• Spider – I Have a Choice
• Dove – I Am Loved
• Buffalo – I Ask for Help
• Frog – I Honor My Emotions
• Sheep – I Don’t Need to Follow Blindly
• Turtle – I Look After Mother Earth
• Dragonfly – I Can Pretend
• Bear – I Can Speak to Dad
• Turkey – I Share
• Eel – I Say “No” to Peer-Group Pressure
• Elephant – I Forgive
• Shark – I Honor the Rules When I Feel Safe
• Rabbit – I Do Not Need to Be Afraid
• Bee – I Have Good Ideas
• Wolf – I Learn Easily

The Creature Teacher Cards and companion book are encased in a large, sturdy, glossy flip-top box that is perfect for the smaller hands of children. However, don’t assume these cards are only for children! While it’s true that these lovely cards give voice to children and counsel from the animal kingdom, they are just as accurate and encouraging for adults (I’ve tried them out several times with excellent results).

After a particular trying situation with my 10-year old, I pulled out the Creature Teacher Cards, asking if he’d like to look through them. My son has seen dozens of oracle, inspirational and Tarot decks, but very few intrigue him. Yet, with these cards, he was entranced. They seemed to calm him, and he suggested that we—as a family—each pull a card a day as an affirmation.

What a great idea! (Out of the mouth of babes…) So, my son, my husband and myself pull a card a day and talk about the affirmation; sometimes, we consciously select a card that’s appropriate for what might be going on in our lives or how we feel.

The 136-page companion book to the Creature Teacher Cards provides the author’s reasons for creating the box set, as well as his insights on Mother Earth, the significance of the Circle, his passion for helping children (especially Indigos), and instructions on how to use this deck.

Instructors would do well to have the Creature Teacher Cards in their classroom, as would therapists, health care practitioners, and energy workers in their place of work. Parents will value this deck’s ability to connect children with their own spirit and those of the animals, as well as bridging the gap between thoughts and emotions, fears and empowering solutions.

Below are 13 images from this deck:

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