Crop Circles - The Quest for Truth
DVD by William Gazecki
“We’re being forced to consider that this universe has all kinds of intelligences all around us that we’ve been ignoring…mysterious other intelligences.” – From the DVD

Director William Gazecki highlights the science and art of crop circles in his 120 minute DVD Crop Circles: Quest for Truth. This levelheaded DVD interviews crop circle expert Colin Andrews as well as scientists and crop circle enthusiasts.

Before 1990, crop circles were simple and scattered. However, as time went on, they became increasingly complex in the form of insectograms, fractals, and other geometric patterns. In fact, at the crux of sacred geometry and crop circles is the Golden Mean, which is a ratio of “small to the large is large to the whole”.

Interviewees relate fascinating stories of crop circle sightings, including seeing infamous glowing balls that often float around the circles. For example, Andrews relays a story about flying over Stonehenge, photographing the stones, then going back to refuel the plane. On his way back—a mere 25 minutes later—there was a spiral crop circle amidst Stonehenge…in broad daylight!

There’s a liberal amount of science in the Crop Circles: Quest for Truth DVD. For example, scientists discuss how seeds from crop circle plants grow differently than the control group. According to one scientist, there had to be some kind of strong energy—perhaps microwave-pulse or plasma energy—-to turn parts of full-grown corn into “exploded nodes”.

One fascinating account told of 109 circles made one rainy night—with nary a broken plant, footprint, or trail!

While hoaxsters make some crop circles, the question that many have is at 200+ crop circles every year, what is the payoff? No money is involved and supposed hoaxsters remain largely anonymous.

There are tons of extras in Crop Circles: Quest for Truth, including:

Colin Andrews talks about the CIA (He says that they tried to get him to say it’s all a hoax)
Mysterious magnetic particles left at the scene of circles
Military helicopters arriving at the same time as the balls of light
Extensive photo gallery of hundreds of crop circles
Interview with the director

The best part of this DVD, in my opinion, is the jaw-dropping crop circles in the photo gallery. Whether made by man or something else, there’s no denying that these beautiful displays of organic art touch the soul and evoke feelings of wonder. A nice mix of science, speculation, experience, and intriguing footage, Crop Circles: Quest for Truth is a great DVD for those interested in the crop circle phenomenon. The crop circle photo gallery alone is well worth the price!

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