The Crystal Zodiac - Judy Hall
"You may already know your birthstone, but you may be surprised to learn that there are several other stones associated with your birthchart." --from The Crystal Zodiac

Your natal astrological chart is based on the date, time, and place of your birth. Most people are familiar with their Sun sign, which is one of 12 Zodiac symbols. The placement of the Sun in your chart indicates the pathway your soul is following, and each sign is associated with one or more crystals. Using the gemstones associated with your Sun sign can help attract beneficial energies, balance out less desirable tendencies, overcome your karmic inheritance and connect you to the path of your soul.

Each Sun sign is also associated with specific body parts, indicating areas where health challenges may occur. Birthstones can help with these ailments, as well.

While the Sun sign is important, there are two other components of your natal chart that paint the unique portrait that is you: the Moon sign and Ascendant (also know as the Rising Sign). The Moon sign shows how you process and express emotion. Your instinctual nature, unconscious patterns and expectations are also governed by your Moon Sign.

The Ascendant, or Rising Sign, is the “mask” you show to the world. It’s the part of your personality that is readily seen to most—a “first impression” if you will. Interestingly, this face you present to the world may be far different than the inner workings of your Sun sign!

The Crystal Zodiac by Judy Hall is an incredibly practical book that explains which gemstones and crystals correlate with each Sun, Moon, and Ascendant placement…and why. So if your Sun is in Scorpio, your Moon is in Aquarius and your Ascendant is in Aries, you’ll get a comprehensive overview of the crystals that will aid you on your own unique journey.

For each of the 12 Sun Signs, Hall provides an in-depth look at the corresponding birthstone, abundance stone, ritual crystal, and companion crystals. She then takes you on a journey exploring each Sun sign and how specific crystals help you reach your highest potential, deal with challenges, handle emotions, balance your thinking, link you to your soul’s pathway, and heal physical ailments. Hall even provides a special birthday ritual for each Sun sign.

The Crystal Masks section explains the Ascendant and what it reflects in a natal chart. Hall asserts that the Ascendant crystal for each sign is a powerful tool for self-development, bestowing confidence and helping you “own” the qualities of your Ascendant. For the 12 Ascendant placements, Hall explains how each one “meets” the world, the nature of its “mask”, and crystal “confidence tricks”. She also provides the “fairy godmother” blessings innate in each Ascendant Sign, as well as a wonderful meditation.

For the Moon Sign, Hall outlines the Moon crystal, intuition crystal, and lunar crystals for each of the 12 placements. She explains the significance of your Moon crystal, and the positive qualities of each Moon sign. Because the Moon is associated with emotions, ingrained behavior patterns, and intuition, you’ll find out what crystals help with exploring hidden needs, overcoming emotional blocks, developing intuition, and nurturing yourself. Two intriguing aspects to the Moon Sign section is the past life association and a specific ritual. For example, the ritual for the Aries Moon involves a Co-Operation Ritual, Scorpio Moon a Forgiveness Ritual and Cancer Moon a Tie-Cutting Ritual.

Hall provides a full-color Crystal Zodiac Mandala for meditation and contemplation, especially since we all have a bit of each of the 12 Signs within us.

The Crystal Zodiac consists of 144 glossy pages featuring dozens of full-color pictures of gemstones and crystals. Although gemstones may often be prettier and pricier, Hall provides the less-expensive correlations for each—assuring the reader that they exhibit the exact same qualities as their counterparts.

The author writes in an enjoyably lucid style, so this potentially complex subject has been rendered quite graspable for individuals new to crystal healing and astrology. Those familiar with Sun, Moon, and Ascendant signs will be sure to gain additional insights into personality patterns and past life ripples. Crystal healers will love the added dimension that the Zodiac brings to balancing mind, healing the emotions, grounding the body, and expanding the spirit.

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