Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards – Doreen Virtue
“I designed this deck of oracle cards to give you daily reminders of your angels’ love and presence. Many people tell me that they forget to ask for their angels’ help. These oracle cards provide a wonderful solution. You can choose a card each morning then keep the card with you throughout the day so you can meditate upon your angelic guidance, and also remind yourself to ask for you angels’ help.” – From the guidebook

Angel therapist and best-selling author Doreen Virtue has created her ninth oracle deck dedicated to remembering to petition the angels for all manner of situations. As the rest of her decks, the Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards is a 44-card deck filled with uplifting guidance and vivid imagery.

Like the Magical Unicorns Oracle Deck, these cards feature gorgeous, shiny gilt edging (just like the old-time family Bibles). This deck is also accompanied by an 111-page Guidebook, which includes instructions on clearing and preparing the cards, as well as methods to receive daily guidance. Also provided are alphabetized messages and possible interpretations for each card.

Here are some themes from the Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards:

There’s Nothing to Worry about
Reward Yourself
Heart Chakra
Change in Direction
Focus on Service
Creative Project
Have Confidence
Energy Work
Fresh Air
Release and Surrender
Blessing in Disguise

Each Guidebook entry contains a channeled message, further instruction, and additional card meanings. There are also several blank pages in the back for recording your impressions and insights.

Although I didn’t have any pressing concerns, I attempted to use this deck about four times. Two of those times, I got the “Ocean” card, which didn’t resonate. I don’t live anywhere near an ocean, nor do I resonate with vast bodies of water. It is possible that I was being guided to drink more water (one of the possible meanings of the card), but I didn’t get any feelings from the message. Other times, I received cards that weren’t appropriate at all, and certainly didn’t speak to my spirit.

Some of the card choices in this deck seem unusual, such as a Wedding card. For example, what if an elderly, bedridden person draws this card? Sure, it can mean a “mystical union of male and female” or even that a family member is getting married, but it seems a bit superficial in my opinion. Personally, I don’t believe everyone is destined to have a soul mate on Earth, let alone get married, so I wonder if cards like these wouldn’t offer false hope to hurting seekers.

I don’t sense much depth with the Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle Cards and this deck just doesn’t resonate with me. Most card images are just lovely, so this is indeed an attractive deck. And, much of the wisdom could definitely be relevant, inspiring, and empowering. I’ve just had more success with Doreen’s Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards and, in terms of angel decks, prefer the Archangel Oracle Cards the most.

If you’re a fan of Doreen’s angel decks, especially her earlier ones, you’ll likely be delighted with this set of cards. Although they don’t work for me, they may very well work for you.

Below are 9 images from this deck:

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