Decision Dice - Your Every Question Answered
Dice have been used for thousands of years for two reasons: games and divination. A form of divination known as sortilege, dice made out of stone, bone, ivory, or wood have been used for casting lots, gaining insights, and foretelling the future.
Although familiar with other forms of divination, I had not yet used dice or any form of sortilege. Therefore, it was with great curiosity and interest that I examined Decision Dice - Your Every Question Answered by Richard Craze. This unique kit comes in a sturdy, glossy square box that is split diagonally, giving it a flip-top opening. Inside the box is a small, but thick, 336-page book, a 9-piece casting board, and 3 wooden dice. The casting board is really a puzzle that forms a wheel/pie divided into 12 sections, and the dice are color coded: black, cream, and brown.

Given the various ways dice can be used, I thought this system may be confusing to use. However, after reading the brief explanations of how to use the Decision Dice system, I found it pretty straightforward. There are three ways you can use the dice for answering questions:

Yes/No Questions

This method answers yes and no questions, with qualifications. You roll the dice, add up the total, and read the explanation. For example, if you roll a 4, it means Yes. But it will only bring disappointments and disasters. Roll a 5, and it means No. But this is a good thing. There are 18 possibilities using this method.

General Questions

Sometimes, we have a general question in mind when using divination. "Will I meet someone soon?" or "What will happen with my job?" are such questions. With this method, each of the color-coded dice mean something specific, as does the numbers on the dice. After quieting yourself, ask the question and roll the dice. This section is divided into dice number totals, with subdivision being the actual dice combination. For example, you may roll a 10 which means Success. However, you need to find your exact combination, which is shown graphically in the book. For example, if you threw:

Black die: 5
Cream die: 1
Brown die: 4

you'd look for that particular configuration under number 10 Success. Likewise, if you were to roll:

Black die: 6
Cream die: 2
Brown die: 2

Each reading has a page long description, so even readings falling under the same general heading (like Success) will be somewhat different.

Specific Questions

Each colored die has a particular meaning. With this method, you meditate on your question, and choose which color die address the spirit of your question the best. For example, if you were to inquire about health, you'd use the Brown die. To inquire about career or finances, you'd toss the Cream die. For difficulties, life lessons, or the law, you'd toss the Black die. After choosing your die, you then cast it upon the board which is like a pie or spoked wheel divided into 12 "slices". The readings in this section are based upon the number on the die, and which numbered section on the board the die fell upon.

So, if I were to ask a question about education, I would choose the Cream die, and toss it on the board. Let's say I rolled a 3, and the die landed on segment ("pie slice") 6. Segment 6 deals with Discipline, so I would look under this section for Cream dice numbered 3. The reading for that combination is: I don't imagine for a moment that you realize the seriousness of this situation. You need to exercise some discipline or things will get even worse.

Does It Work?

With any form of divination, the important question that needs answered is Does it work?. There are two things I look for when evaluating a divination tool:

*Is it user friendly?
*Is it accurate?

It could be argued that the accuracy of any divination tool is based upon the clear-seeing and openness of the reader.

One of my regular clients contacted me recently for a reading. I usually use cards, but asked her if she'd like to give Decision Dice a test run for her reading. If she didn't like the reading for any reason, I'd do my regular card reading for her.

She agreed, and I performed the reading. For whatever reason, perhaps the unfamiliarity, she said she preferred my card reading. Interestingly, the cards confirmed the same messages given in the Decision Dice reading! Based on this test-run, as well as having used it a few times for myself, I'd have to say the Decision Dice method is both quick and accurate. You are not required to memorize anything, and readings are spelled out clearly for any eventuality.

If you're looking for a new divination tool, or would like a method that is less intimidating and complex than ones like traditional Runes, Tarot, or the I Ching, I highly recommend Decision Dice by Richard Craze.

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