Deep Rest – Tom Kenyon
Psychoacoustic pioneer Tom Kenyon has created an innovative CD with three tracks designed to relax the body and mind in specific ways.  The first track of Deep Rest is called The 22 Minute Vacation. According to Kenyon this fantasy vacation utilizes complex psychoacoustic tonal patterns and multi-sensory experience to generate deeply rejuvenating states of body and mind.

The second track, The 24 Minute Nap, was created specifically for those times when you may feel sleep deprived or need a quick period of rest.  Kenyon recommends listening to this track with stereo headphones, making sure that you will be undisturbed for at least 30 minutes.

The last track is called Sweet Delta and this 46 minute track uses soothing psychoacoustic music combined with low delta frequencies to encourage a deeper state of rest or sleep. It can be listened to by itself or immediately following the 24 Minute Nap track.

If you are experiencing a “stop the world—I want to get off” mindset, you can play all three tracks back to back.  You’ll need at least an hour and a half to listen to all three tracks, and it’s strongly recommended that you are not interrupted during this time.

Kenyon notes that if you hear unusual sounds, this is entirely normal. These pulses are frequencies that help the brain and mind enter into more relaxed and receptive states.  Other sounds may be specific tonal patterns and frequencies that are just below the threshold of conscious hearing.

The other day, I was feeling tired and decided to try out this CD.  As recommended, I laid down on the bed with my feet partially elevated, and put on a stereo headset.  I believe I fell asleep sometime during the first track, because I don’t remember much past the first few minutes!  I woke up feeling refreshed, peaceful and centered.

My husband tried Deep Rest last night, but he said he was awakened by Kenyon speaking on the track.  My husband is a pretty sound sleeper, so I was surprised that he was awakened by anything, let alone vocalization. After he was awakened, he took off the headphones and went back to sleep.  However he did say that he awakened feeling quite refreshed.

I look forward to trying the 22 Minute Vacation by itself, for those times I need some  quick stress release, and plan on using this CD again for relaxation.

If you are looking for soothing ambient music, or have trouble sleeping or relaxing, Deep Rest by Tom Kenyon provides restorative and rejuvenating acoustics that will reach your body and mind on both the physical and mental plane.

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