The Detox Kit - Jane Alexander
Jane Alexander, a renowned international expert in natural and holistic living, has created an innovative and comprehensive plan for detoxification.

Environmental pollution, nutritional additives, harmful emotions, and everyday stressors have something in common: they all over-tax the mind, body, emotions and spirit. Fortunately The Detox Kit serves up some powerful remedies to help detoxify and regenerate your body.

So how do you know if your body is compromised with toxic overload? According to Alexander here are but a few symptoms:

The Detox Kit provides everything you need for three different detoxes:

*Fresh Start Detox which is a two week classic detox program.
*Ayurvedic Weekend Detox for quick results.
*Cheater's Detox for those who can't face extensive detoxification for whatever reason.

For each of these Detox programs, the author takes you step-by-step through the process, providing daily instructions, food lists, and recommendations. She tells you what herbs, foods, and drinks will help you detoxify--as well as what not to eat. In fact, Alexander even shows you when it's not beneficial to begin a detoxification program.

There's a lot packed into The Detox Kit:

* A natural-bristle body brush
* Expert-blended aromatherapy oil
* Delicious detox tea
* 30 Daily Detox Cards
* 30 Affirmation Cards
* 144-page Guidebook

Alexander gives detailed instructions on how to de-clutter your home, detox with nutrition, support your mental and emotional health, and de-stress. She gives vital time management tips, as well as practical yoga postures, aromatherapy remedies, massage modalities, and much more. Also provided are four lifestyle questionnaires for determining the level of toxic overload in areas such as food and drink, home and work, drugs and cosmetics, and mind and emotions.

Whichever Detox program you choose--even if it's incorporating just a few of her many helpful instructions--you'll likely lose stress, gain time, improve your life, and boost your relationships. The Detox Kit is like having a fabulous spa treatment that you can carry out in your own home...without the expensive price tag! The aromatherapy blend smells heavenly, and the Detox Cards are a great way to enhance any detoxification effort.

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