Developing Intuition Cards - Shakti Gawain
“Intuition isn’t mysterious or mystical: it’s very practical inner wisdom that can be used as a tool for dealing with everyday decisions and challenges.” – Shakti Gawain

Author Shakti Gawain teaches that intuition enlivens, informs, encourages and leads. If we would only listen, trust, and follow our intuitive guidance, we would make better choices, access divine wisdom, discover opportunities and meet challenges with optimism.

In the 52-card deck Developing Intuition, Gawain hand-selected various affirmations and passages from her book of the same name. Designed to awaken intuition and impart inspiration, these lovely cards demonstrate how utterly natural and empowering our inner voice is. Whether through “gut feeling”, mental pictures, synchronicity or words, intuition makes itself known in a myriad of ways.

And, like any skill, intuition can be developed to the point where we can recognize our inner guidance system from all the other “voices” that compete for our attention.

Illustrated in soothing neutral tones, the Developing Intuition deck depicts images of sunflowers, shells and leaves—offering various passages, meditations and insight from Gawain’s previous book. Here is some of the sage wisdom found in this deck:

“Trusting intuition involves giving up the futile effort to control everything. I will learn to enjoy this movement into the unknown, confident that I have a positive guiding force within me.”

“My intuition is always trying to help me be more of who I am by fully expressing my power, truth, and creativity, and by living and trusting myself completely.”

“Each of us comes into this life with a purpose—with lessons to learn and gifts to give. As I develop my intuition, I am guided toward fulfilling that purpose in every way.”

“I know when I am following my intuition because when I do, I feel more alive: I literally have more of the life force moving through my body and mind.”

“If we can develop the habit of checking our intuitive messages at least as often as most of us check our email, we’ll be in great shape!”

The magnetic box top to the Developing Intuition cards doubles as a frame; simply flip open the lid, insert your card of the day (or any card you want to contemplate), and prop it up. Ouila! You now have an attractive display that reminds you of the power and flow of inborn intuition.

If you’re looking for a deck to help you connect with your intuition, as well as aid you in recognizing, trusting and following this inner guidance, the Developing Intuition cards by Shakti Gawain will certainly assist in this life-enhancing pursuit.

Below are six cards from this deck:

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