Disneystrology - Lisa Finander
From Pinocchio to Ariel, Lightning McQueen to Boo, Disneystrology combines astrology with beloved animated Disney characters to create 365 unique profiles for every day on the calendar.

If your birthday is June 10, you share a profile with Jessie, the cowgirl from Toy Story 2. Born on New Year’s Day? Your character match is Jack-Jack from The Incredibles. Classic figures like Snow White, Dumbo, Pooh, Goofy and Bambi are found in Disneystrology, as well as modern Disney characters like Remy (Ratatouille), Dug (Up), Mama Odie (Princess and the Frog) and Bonnie (Toy Story 3).

Beginning with January 1 and ending with December 31, this thick, full-color book with glossy pages features vibrant art from Disney animated movies for each character profile. Author Lisa Finander provides three keywords for each birthday, in addition to a character profile, magical gifts, keys to success and the relevant movie story.

For example, my birthday is November 6, so I share characteristics with Manny from A Bug’s Life:

KEYWORDS: Dramatic, Wise, Exciting

MANNY: You are energetic and enjoy captivating an audience, large or small. You like to create visual impressions that inspire awe and invoke imagination. Only those special few whom you trust are privy to your methods. Proud and confident, you don’t let the fickle opinions of critics dampen your spirit or keep you from achieving. The calm rationality of loved ones allows you to reach your potential.

MAGICAL GIFTS: Manny bestows the gifts of aesthetics, dedication, and conviction. Under his guidance, you will truly be able to perform magic.

KEYS TO YOUR SUCCESS: Entrancing others with a class act.

MANNY’S STORY: A Bug's Life (1998)

In Disneystrology, Lisa Finander draws upon the wisdom of astrology, numerology and tarot for each birthdate, mining the depth and breadth of animated Disney movies for the perfect character correspondence and profile.

My family LOVES looking through Disneystrology, so I make sure I keep it out all times for easy access. For those who love animated Disney and Pixar films, this book is a treasure trove of memories, forgotten characters and favorite stories.

Not only would Disneystrology make a perfect gift for birthdays, holidays and celebrations, but it would also provide great reading entertainment (and trivia!) for young and old alike. (An added bonus: character index in the back, grouped according to movie!)

Highly recommended!

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