The classic definition of divination is to foretell the future. Fortune telling, augury, and prophecy are often used interchangeably with the word divination.

However, foretelling the future is but one aspect of divination. Many use divination to uncover past events, as well as those of the present. In that case, divination is not used to foretell the future, but rather, to gain insight into the past or present. This is known as forth telling. For example, in the New Testament, Jesus encountered a woman at the well and said to her “the man you are now with is not your husband.” He was not foretelling events, but rather, declaring what was true in the present.

Some forms of divination rely on a tool such as cards, runes, tea leaves and dice, while other forms are an interpretation of body parts or other natural objects such as palmistry, animal behavior, and cloud formations. Yet another type of divination is a direct knowing outside of any tool or natural observation, including dream interpretation, channeling and clairaudience.

The Prophecy, Fortuntelling, Divination eBook is 88 pages and provides:

*Dozens of illustrations, including rune symbols and a Pythagorean numerology grid
*Original spreads for intuitive reading, including a Past Life Spread and Life Purpose Spread created specifically for this eBook
*Animal totems and meanings for divinatory use
*Palm reading graphics to show you how to read lines and mounts
*The Tree Signs of Celtic Astrology and their traits
*Original Chakra Stones Oracle

and much more.

Table of Contents


How Divination Works
Mantic and Non-Mantic Arts
The “Clairs”
Divination around the World
--Ancient Greece
--The Celts
--The Maori
--The Norse
--The Inuit
Divination and the Bible

Mantic Arts – Divination with Tools

--The Runic Symbols and Meanings (including reversals)
--Rune Readings and Rune Spread
--Reading the Details
--The Cards of the Major Arcana
--The Minor Arcana (The Suits)
--How to Clear Your Tarot or Oracle Deck
----Inner Child Spread
----Tree Spread
----Amazing Grace Spread
----Synergy Relationship Spread
----Past Life Spread
----Life Purpose Spread
The I Ching
--Casting the Hexagram
--Yin and Yang
Tea Leaf Reading
--Meanings of Patterns
Candle Prophecy
Crystal Divination
--Chakra Stones Oracle

Non-Mantic Arts – Divination without Tools

--Animal Totems and Their Divinatory Meanings
--The Lines
--The Mounts
--Calculating Your Personal Year, Month, and Day
--Pythagorean Conversion Table
--The Numbers and Their Meanings
--Numerology in the Bible
--The Sun, Moon, and Ascendant
--The Signs of the Zodiac (including glyphs)
--The Houses
--The Planets (including glyphs)
--Other Placements of Note
----Midheaven (Medium Coeli or MC)
----North Node
----South Node
----Sabian Symbols
--Celtic Astrology
----The Tree Signs
--Understanding and Interpreting Dreams

Spiritual Co-Dependence
--The Dangers of Being Guided By External Prophecy and Revelation
Helpful Resources
--32 Resources
About the Author
Divination: History, Methods and Uses
by Janet Boyer
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