Be a Dog with a Bone - Peggy McColl
“To discover the best training method for your pooch, you have to understand her individuality. Similarly, for you to bring out the best in yourself, you need to understand your unique set of behaviors, habits, desires, and needs.” – From the book

What is the difference between a short-lived want and a deep desire—and how is finding the answer to this question the key to fueling determination? What is the length of your “leash”, the restrictions (conscious or unconscious) that you place on yourself? What three attributes, when combined, equal “dogged determination”? What is the dogma of success? How do you stop chasing your tail? Why is important to be nice to everyone?

Using clever canine metaphors and inspiring true-life anecdotes about our four legged friends, destiny achievement expert Peggy McColl answers these compelling questions in her newest book Be a Dog with a Bone.

From “drool unto others” to being a small dog with a “big-dog attitude”, McColl packs a wealth of practical wisdom teaching valuable life lessons in this little 105-page hardcover book.

Helping readers identify their most profound aspirations, Be a Dog with a Bone also explains how to:

• Tap into latent talents
• Discover determination
• Handle adversity with grace
• Remain open to miracles
• Create positive feelings
• Practice perseverance
• Trust gut instincts
• Learn new “tricks”
• Notice unproductive behaviors
• Spread the love
• “Bark” for what you want
• Enjoy personal successes

If you’re assuming dogged determination involves acting arrogant or nasty, or that going after your dreams requires sacrificing your peace of mind, destroying your health or ignoring vital relationships, think again.

Instead, the author shows life-enhancing success strategies that preserves what’s important (and necessary) for each person, while at the same time, encouraging individuals to expand comfort zones, dissolve limiting beliefs, and hang on to that bone!

Be a Dog with a Bone is the third book I’ve read from Peggy McColl, and she’s now become one of my favorite writers—one whose work I admire and recommend regularly to my clients. With her warm, engaging writing style, she generously shares the hard-won wisdom she’s discovered on her own journey to living her dreams, acting as an enthusiastic coach or trusted friend to readers ready to implement changes to doggedly pursuing their highest and best life.

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