Oracle of the Dragonfae - Lucy Cavendish and Michele-lee Phelan
“Dragonfae are powerful and bring deeper understanding and clarity to all things…they tend to come into our lives to remind us who we really are and to active aspects of ourselves that we may have forgotten…Dragonfae help us to access knowledge from deep within. They are truly happy to be seen, felt accepted and heard as they have deep mystical knowledge to share—and they are your kin, and a part of who you truly are.” – From the Oracle of the Dragonfae companion book

I first heard of Lucy Cavendish when I experienced her uplifting and profound wisdom through the Oracle Tarot. Lighthearted yet soul centered, her insights were accessible and well, magical!

Although I had no idea what “Dragonfae” were, when I found out she was authoring a new deck titled Oracle of the Dragonfae, I was intrigued and excited.

Well, I received it in the mail today, and it has far exceeded my expectations, especially the stunning artwork by Michele-lee Phelan. I’ll share more on my amazing encounter with this deck in a bit.

Firstly, some background: the Oracle of the Dragonfae, published by the wonderful Australian publisher Blue Angel Gallery, features the lovely, vibrant illustrations of seven different artists, with a 163-page larger-than-usual companion book.

The 43-cards are numbered, depicting the world of dragons and those aligned with their energy, for example, Gaia, Brigid, Melusine, Queen Oonagh, Goddess Tiamet, and others. Each colorful card shows the name of the particular Dragonfae, with a short phrase. Here are some examples:

• Tatsuya – Have courage!
• Drystan – Look beyond the surface
• Fernia – Clarity
• The Lovers – Love each other
• Oroko – Boundaries
• Queen Mab – Your ancient wisdom is awakening
• The Wild Huntress – Face your shadow
• Chumara – Web of all life
• The Pendragon – Pure male energy
• The Elder – Heed wise counsel

The sturdy, high-gloss cards from the Oracle of the Dragonfae measure approximately 5 ½ inches x 3 ¾ inches, with the card backings showing a fully reversible, subdued—but attractive—pentagram design.

Now, for my personal experience!

When I received this deck, I did something I don’t normally do: rather than look through all the cards first, I just put the deck in front of me, facing outward, asked a question, and drew a card randomly. I had no idea what the cards looked like, let alone the order they were in!

After I read Lucy’s interpretation in the companion book, I was stunned. Somehow, her three-page explanation of my card touched on not one, but THREE separate, unrelated issues. Yet, they were melded together by the wisdom of Chenguang, “Be light of heart”.

The central, core issue was specifically addressed in this deck (and helped me make an instant decision that lifted a burden and welcomed the fresh air of freedom), as well as two peripheral issues that I’ve been concerned about, but couldn’t seem to coexist peacefully with them.

After receiving such pointed, sage and encouraging guidance from that one card, I began eagerly devouring Lucy’s companion book to the Oracle of the Dragonfae. She answers the question of what Dragonfae ARE, as well as their purpose and “calling cards”. (Now I know what I keep seeing dragonflies in my backyard and individuals often give me stones, crystals and butterfly tokens!)

I now feel such a kinship with the Dragonfae because of this deck. In fact, when I began writing this review, I felt a strong, huge, heavy beast “curl” around me. I sat very still, felt this powerful, knowing, protective energy—and then the hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood up. (It’s happening again as I write this!)

So if you’re on the lookout for an unusual, illuminating and spot-on deck, do give the Oracle of the Dragonfae deck a try. I feel you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its accuracy and beauty, as well as the otherworldly insights by Lucy Cavendish. It's truly a treasure!

Below are 13 images from the Oracle of the Dragonfae:

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