The Dragonfly Secret - Clea and John Adams
“On a bright summer morning, Lea played hide-and-seek in the garden with Tess, her butterfly friend. She hid among the flowers and giggled to herself. Suddenly, a boy appeared. He sat on the ground next to some daisies and rested his chin in his hands. Lea moved closer to get a better look. He turned towards her and smiled.” – From the book

Lavishly illustrated by Barbara Gibson and written by Clea and John Adams, The Dragonfly Secret tells the story of a curious dragonfly named Lea who helps a boy accomplish a special mission.

After playing with the boy for hours, it occurs to Lea that he hadn’t given her his name or told her where he lived, yet he knows all the great hiding places in the area. The boy confides that he has a message to deliver, but only a dragonfly like Lea could carry it.

Intrigued, Lea moves closer, fluttering her wings as the boy gives her three mysterious assignments. As she attempts to fulfill her promise, a kind elderly couple gives her instructions—but no explanation as to the purpose.

Lea continues following instructions, never realizing the extraordinary gift she’s about to bestow upon a sad young couple.

A gentle, moving story about the power of love to transcend death, The Dragonfly Secret is a beautiful book offering comfort to the grieving and solace to those who wonder what happens to their loved ones after they pass on.

I highly recommend The Dragonfly Secret to parents and caregivers. Because of its reassuring message, I feel that schools, funeral homes, hospitals, church libraries and therapist offices would benefit greatly by having this book on hand to share with those facing terminal illness or relatives of those who have lost a loved one.

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