At first glance, the Dreaming In Color Luman Deck™ appears to be a straightforward--albeit ethereal--divination deck. But once you start working with the cards, you realize this deck is something far more than just another pretty oracle.

Created by Mindy Sommers, The Dreaming in Color Luman Deck™ is divinely channeled in both art and meaning--specifically designed to develop the user's intuition. The color-soaked imagery evokes a feeling of both depth and expansiveness--almost as if you're falling into a dreamscape of the subconscious.
Dreaming In Color Luman Deck

This unusual oracle can not only be used for divination, but also for healing and meditation. In fact, I don't think I've ever come across a deck--either Tarot or oracle--which seems to work like a Rorschach. That is, the vibrant images are not cluttered with iconographic litter which tries to dictate the card meaning; rather, this 60-card deck serves as a multi-dimensional tool that provides immediate information. Like a pebble thrown into a cosmic pond, these cards ripples through the ego's layered defenses and brings forth vital guidance to the surface.

Inscribed on each card is a word that helps the user absorb the energy of its meaning, as well as provide a focus to receive insight on questions about the past, present, and future. I feel that this deck is especially helpful for those wanting to transcend negative personality patterns or to understand repeating relationship themes that have proved frustrating.

Using vibrant colors spanning a palette of greens, purples, reds, oranges, yellows, pinks--and even a few in black and white--these cards are gorgeous to look at just from an aesthetic perspective. In fact, my husband (who has little interest in Tarot or oracle decks), could not stop looking at the card images. He's a huge fan of fractals, and thought they were stunning in their intricacy and coloration. Many images are floral in nature, but they appear to be much more than just flowers. Also included with this deck is a pamphlet with the channeled card meanings. Below are 6 sample images from The Dreaming in Color Luman Deck™:
Personal Notes

I did a 3-card spread with this deck, and it was insightful. Yet, I feel that these cards are better served by reading them organically--as an intuitive story board that's not beholden to rigid spread positions.

I feel these cards are best used for serious interior healing and consciousness work, perhaps in conjunction with spiritual practice such as meditating and journaling. If you want quick fixes and answers, I feel the profundity of this deck may be lost on you. Its use as a healing and meditation deck is unsurpassed in my opinion. Somehow, Mindy Sommers takes problematic emotions such as avarice, resentment, and pettiness and provides a visual and spiritual portal with which to see these issues clearly--yet without any shaming or disturbing imagery. This is a delicate balance that's not easy to pull off, in my estimation.

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