Druid Animal Oracle - Carr-Gomm/Worthington
"Somehow animals act as ideal symbols or images of our deepest fears and urges, or of those parts of our psyche which have been denied or repressed or simply neglected. By welcoming and loving the animals which enter our awareness through the Oracle, in dreams and meditations and reverie, we enrich our inner world and discover a way of personal growth that is completely in tune with the natural world." --the authors
The Druid Animal Oracle, created by Philip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Bill Worthington, draws its wisdom from the ancient wellspring of Celtic tradition. The Druids, much like the Native Americans, revered animals as sacred guides and guardians. Featuring animals from both the Otherworld and this one, The Druid Animal Oracle provides healing power and intuitive knowledge from 33 sacred animals. This oracle does not encourage fatalism and prediction; rather, the powerful messages correct imbalances, provide advice on inner dynamics, and empower the querent to make--and create--more positive outcomes.

In addition to 33 colorful cards, The Druid Animal Oracle comes with 3 blank cards for personal creation, a 176-page illustrated hard cover book, and a gorgeous reading cloth measuring approximately 20" X 23". The navy blue cloth can be used for spreads, and features exquisite silver embossing which includes likenesses of the four elemental dragons in the Oracle.

The Guidebook that accompanies this deck provides both upright and reversed interpretations for each of the sacred animal cards, as well as the traditional lore of each--including the Gaelic name and pronunciation of the particular animal. Seven unique spreads are given in The Druid Animal Oracle, ranging from 1-9 cards.

When I test out Oracle or Tarot decks, I like to do so when there is really a difficult situation at hand. It's pretty easy to get a "fluff" reading when all is well, but if an Oracle can provide insight and healing during critical times, then it passes muster in my book.

I happened to test The Druid Animal Oracle during one of the most difficult times of my life. A month or so ago, I had excruciating back pain that prohibited me from walking or sitting. It got so bad, my husband had to call an ambulance for me. Three shots of Demerol, a muscle relaxant, and other anti-inflammatories provided me no relief.  My husband had to take a week off work to take care of me, and it took several weeks before I was pain-free. At its worst moments, the pain was worse than childbirth.

Because the back of the box said that this Oracle could "bring healing and help you  draw strength from its intuitive knowledge", I thought I'd see what wisdom it could offer me during this trying time.

I did the Spread of the Elements, which is a 5 card Spread featured in the book. This particular spread addresses the West/Emotional, East/Intellectual, North/Intuitive, and South/Sensual parts of the Self. I asked for Guidance about the source of the injury, as well as healing advice.

I received some amazingly profound wisdom that was spot-on accurate. Rather than being a superficial reading, there was deep wisdom offered that addressed both root and remedy in various areas of my life. A part of this wisdom, I feel, lies with the great care and enthusiasm with which the authors convey the messages of these sacred animals.

This is not a deck to use "for fun", in my opinion. You'll be given corrective insight when inquiring The Druid Animal Oracle--and you may not like what it says. But it will be accurate, I believe, and it will be empowering should you choose to apply its wisdom.

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Card art copyright Bill Worthington 1994. Used by permission.

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