Erotic Astrolgy: The Sex Secrets of Your Horoscope Revealed - Phyllis Vega
“With Erotic Astrology in hand, you’ll get to know yourself a lot better, find out what makes your lover tick, and learn whether or not you two are really compatible between the sheets. Moreover, you will be able to use the revelations of the stars to help you find true love and lasing passion, while avoiding many of the romantic pitfalls that make for disappointment in and out of the bedroom.” – Phyllis Vega

While many people may know their Sun sign—the basis for daily horoscopes—the other major planetary influences for romance, love and sexual compatibility are usually unknown at best and mystifying at worst.

Fortunately for lovers everywhere, author Phyllis Vega turns on the bedroom light, explaining the import of the Moon, Venus and Mars placement in an astrology chart and their impact between the sheets in her newest book, Erotic Astrology.

Dispelling misconceptions about certain signs while elucidating the likes and dislikes of others, Phyllis takes readers through the individual landscapes of the Sun, Mars, Moon and Venus—explaining how they influence our preferences, desires, sex drive, and turn-ons.

But then she goes much deeper in Erotic Astrology, examining Sun/Mars combinations and Moon/Venus combinations for a love/sex/romance astrology book like no other.

When I read about my Sun/Mars combo (Scorpio Sun/Libran Mars) and my Moon/Venus combo (Aquarius Moon/Scorpion Venus), I chuckled more than once! (Hey, I’m a secretive quadruple Scorpio, so don’t expect me to dish and tell you what she said!)

Don’t have a natal astrological chart? Clueless about your planetary placements? No problem—Phyllis takes the guesswork out of calculating your Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus placements with 67 pages of easy-to-use charts and ephemeris tables at the end of the book.

If you’re wondering what turns your partner on (or off), consider getting Erotic Astrology. If you want insight into what makes you tick—and what you’ll likely find attractive and compatible in a mate—again, this accessible 281-page book will give you the scoop. If you’re really brave, you may want to consider getting this book for your lover…and then read it together!

Whether for Valetine’s Day, an anniversary or “just because”, Erotic Astrology will help each sign of the Zodiac discover their true colors above and below the belt, ideally resulting in happy matches, enduring romance and sizzling sex…all according to the stars.

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