Everyday Grace DVD - Marianne Williamson
“Fairytales are actually metaphysical information given to all of us if we actually look at what they say.” – From the DVD

According to author Marianne Williamson, the very thought that miracles can happen is an extraordinary empowerment, if we allow it to be. This concept is much like the “magic wands” of fairytales like Cinderella whereby mice turn into coachmen, pumpkins into coaches, and rags into ball gowns.

In the DVD Everyday Grace, Williamson gives a 75-minute live lecture explaining why humanity needs to evolve beyond where it is and how miracles can play a vital part in individual and corporate transformation.

The current age reflects a mechanistic, Newtonian worldview where the earth is as a large machine where we have very little power to change objects and events outside ourselves. Echoing modern theories of Quantum Physics, Williamson asserts that when we observe and perceive something differently, the object itself changes. She goes onto to say that our species is no longer well adapted for survival because we fight too much. We must evolve past the place where the only way we fix things is to destroy them—much like the mindset found in modern medicine.

In the Everyday Grace DVD, Williamson goes on to share five “magic wands” that can help us tap into a power that is in us, but not of us—that can do what we cannot do for ourselves. They are:

Wand #1 – Consider the possibility a miracle could happen here.

Wand #2 – We are the angels we’ve been waiting for. Breakthroughs happen in our lives when breakthroughs happen within us.

Wand #3 – Every thought of judgment blocks the Light. If we knew enough about almost anyone we could, on some level, forgive almost anything.

Wand #4 – The end is inherent in the means. If we make “the goal” paramount, we will be tempted in various ways to compromise our integrity, exploit relationships, and engage in unethical behavior.

Wand #5 – Sacred silence rights the Universe. Every spiritual and philosophical tradition encourages prayer, the cultivation of stillness, meditation, etc.

Saying that the 21st century belongs to the “Fairy Godmother”, Williamson describes the symbolism of Cinderella, applying the metaphor to our evolving consciousness. Stressing that our thoughts create reality, she admonishes us that the wars will stop outside only when they stop inside. In fact, “today’s newspaper is just a reflection of yesterday’s thoughts” but we can apply the five “magic wands” to create miracles in both the world and ourselves.

This DVD also includes an extensive interview with Marianne Williamson, covering topics such as:

Her early career
Her favorite book
The writing of the book Everyday Grace
Her greatest achievement
The greatest challenge in the world

She says that “you can’t touch an audience without the truth of your own journey” and Williamson has consistently lived out this ideal through her books and lectures. If you’d like a good dose of hope and the means to create a magical, beautiful world, the Everyday Grace DVD shows the way.

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