The Everything Tarot Book (Second Edition) - Skye Alexander
“In the view of alchemists and mystics, the symbols preserved and presented in the Tarot spring from the anima mundi, or soul of the world, a vast repository of knowledge, like a cosmic library, filled with all the memories and wisdom of the entire human race, past, present and future.” – From the book

In the completely updated second edition of The Everything Tarot Book, author Skye Alexander has assembled an impressive 289-page introduction to Tarot. A surprisingly enjoyable read, three-fourths of the book examines the Tarot from a variety of angles, offering:

• A chart of universal symbols and meanings
• The Fool’s Journey where the other follows his progress through each of the Majors
• Thorough treatment of numerology as applied to Tarot (1-10)
• Color symbol chart
• Differentiation between the Major and Minor Arcana
• Analysis of the four elements and the Minor suits
• Court Card meanings
• Synthesizes astrology and the Tarot, explaining the planetary connections of each Major and how it modifies card meanings
• Sixteen illustrated spreads with a sample reading and comprehensive explanation for each one
• How to clear, store, and handle a Tarot deck
• Preparing and performing readings
• Resources and Appendix of Tarot terms

The last quarter of the book dedicates 2 ½ pages to each Tarot card, providing a description, interpretation, upright meaning, reversed meaning, and a small black and white image from the Rider-Waite deck. Unfortunately, either the author or the publisher has included incorrect Hebrew letter attribution/meanings for every Trump card (that bothers to mention Hebrew letter correlations).

Other than the Hebrew letter errors, The Everything Tarot Book (2nd Edition) is an admirable contribution to the Tarot community. I expected a rather shallow treatment of the Tarot, but Skye Alexander has proven to be an incredibly engaging author and a fine Tarot teacher. If you’re looking for a thorough yet conversational approach to Tarot, The Everything Tarot Book can set you well on your way to learning, understanding, and using the Tarot for yourself or others.

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