Can you find lost items with Tarot cards? Well, I hadn't tried before--until I misplaced my reading glasses a few hours ago!

I thought I'd experiment using The Victorian Romantic Tarot. If the experiment worked--I planned on posting it here. If not...well, no one would be the wiser! So I shuffled the cards and asked the Universe "Where are my glasses?" I pulled the 9 of Wands and immediately got the impression that "in the doorway" was somehow connected to finding my glasses.

Now, I had already looked in every room on both the first and second floors. I even asked my son if he saw my glasses. Nada. So I went looking through the house, again, paying special attention to the areas around doorways--including several niche areas that were arched like a "doorway". Again, nada.

Ah, was fun to experiment.

So I'm thumbing through the latest edition of TV Guide that arrived in the mail today while leaning in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room. We keep the TV Guides on the corner of the entertainment center, along with upteen remotes. I lay down the TV Guide and stay in the doorway, lost in thought about something I read. Probably pondering the return of LOST but I can't be sure...because I happened to look down at the floor--in the narrow space between the wall and the back of the entertainment center--and guess what was lying there? My glasses!

Had I not been loitering in the doorway like a space cadet, I probably wouldn't have found my glasses for quite some time since it was in such an unusual spot--a mere 2 inches from a doorway! So how can you use my late night (er, early morning) antics for finding lost items? Well, it's probably obvious that "doorway" jumped out at me because the soldier in the 9 of Wands card from The Victorian Romantic Tarot is standing in a doorway.

There are various ways to glean clues from Tarot card imagery that may aid you in finding lost items, including:

Location - What kind of environment is depicted on the card? If there are people in the card, where are they standing? Are they near a piece of furniture, standing in a garden, sailing in a boat, or eating at a picnic? Do any of the locations remind you of where you've been so you can retrace your steps? Or, if reading for someone else, the location may be quite literal!

Color - Is your eye drawn to a particular color? Perhaps this color indicates the color of the surroundings where your lost item is located. Sometimes, the Tarot can be quite clever: maybe the red hat you see indicates the Red Hat Cafe you visited last week!

Card Name - Words like Moon, Magician, Hermit, Fool, Justice, World or Strength may have a direct bearing on your missing item! Even suit names like Water, Cups, Swords or Stones could be relevant--as well as the numbers found on the cards.

Objects - People, animals and items--all can be fodder for intuitive clues. For example, one of the people in the Court Cards may remind you of someone or someplace. A grandfather clock may point to the area or room where the missing item is located. A lion may remind you of the zoo, a circus, National Geographic Magazine, Animal Planet, or the story of Daniel and the Lions Den (could the missing item be near a Bible?). Or, "lion" could be a play on words--because when you look at The Strength card, you happen to remember that you left your glasses "lyin'" on the washer or dryer in the basement! (I've left my glasses in far stranger places...)

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Finding Lost Items With Tarot