Fortune Tellers Club (Books 6-8) - Dottie Enderle
The Fortune Tellers Club is a delightful series by professional storyteller Dotti Enderle. This series, geared towards ages 9-12, features three best friends--Juniper Lynch, Anne Donovan, and Gena Richmond--who use divination to solve mysteries, explain relationships, and understand life experiences.

Told from the perspective of scaredy-cat tomboy Gena Richmond, Mirror, Mirror... is book 6 is the Fortune Tellers Club series by Dotti Enderle.

Gena wakes up one morning to find someone else staring back at her in the mirror! Who is the pig-tailed girl with the plaid skirt, starched white shirt, and furry unibrow?

At first, fellow members of the FTC disbelieve Gena. That is, until they see the reflection of the mystery girl for themselves! Gena has to avoid shiny toasters and reflective surfaces in order to hide this mirrored anomaly from her Dad's girlfriend, Rachael. Even worse, Rachael has invited Gena to a formal dinner-and this means shopping for a fancy dress amidst tons of mirrors!

The stray cat she's recently adopted comforts Gena, but does this kitty with mis-matched eyes hold any clues to the mysterious girl in the mirror? Using divination methods such as Ouija, tea leaf reading, and mirror scrying, Gena, Anne, and Juniper try to get to the bottom of Ms. Pigtails.

Interestingly, I found Mirror, Mirror... on par with the first book of the series (The Lost Girl). Suffering from flat characters and a bland plot, the ending did not really explain what happened with the mirror switch--or why.

Avery School is opening up a brand new library, and students are giving oral reports on the book they plan to donate. Juniper Lynch, the truly psychic member of the Fortune Tellers Club, loves the Psychic Circle series. These books come with a fortune-telling device used to solve the mystery.

Having difficulty choosing just one, she finally selects book 3 in the series--Grave Dangers. This particular book includes a pendulum, and Juniper explains the plot of the story, as well as demonstrates how to use a pendulum.

The mother of one of Juniper's classmates complains to the principal and launches a community-wide campaign to expel Juniper, purge the school of "evil", and ban books such as Grave Dangers.

Juniper, Anne, and Gena attempt to discern the motives of uptight, upright Mrs. Greeley and the fate of Juniper and the donated book by consulting the pendulum and tarot cards. The pendulum provides a clue that ends up shocking the FTC--and eventually the entire community.

Based on the personal experience of the author, The Burning Pendulum is a bracing commentary on religious zealots who seek to ban books and ruin the reputations of others based on their fundamentalists views.

I applaud Ms. Enderle for tackling this controversial subject. Beyond the insightful observations she makes through her richly drawn characters, The Burning Pendulum is a fascinating story about fear, hypocrisy, and prejudice--as well as the importance of the First Amendment. Highly recommended for young and old alike!

Supposedly haunted by "The Gray Lady", 701 Shady Lane is a two-story Victorian that's home to a chilling legend involving a gruesome suicide.

When the Fortune Tellers Club gets a school assignment to write a report on a landmark, Anne opts for "Boogerman's House"--the residence of the mysterious Gray Lady. Bringing along a digital camera and a good dash of bravery, Anne decides to explore the haunted house on Shady Lane. To her surprise, she sees a figure in the window--and captures it on film!

Does the image turn out to be legitimate? And what of the horrifying tale of old Mr. Nicholson where he recounts a childhood experience with the Gray Lady--complete with her bulging eyes, black tongue, and razor-sharp nails that clawed into his cheek?

Using a triple dose of divination--Juniper's pendulum, Gena's Mystic Genie, and Anne's deck of playing cards--the FTC have a predict-off to discern whether or not they should explore the abandoned house on Shady Lane.

This is by far the scariest of the series, as well as the most intriguing. A suspenseful plot, strong characters, and spooky setting make The Ghost of Shady Lane a very satisfying read. If you enjoy ghost stories, you'll love this book!

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