I just love these puzzles.

Terry Stickels' Frame Games have been featured in various newspapers and now 159 are gathered in one place in this volume.

Shaped like a toilet seat (with the back depicting swirling water, presumably after a flush!), this 96-page book is a great way to challenge the mind and pass the time. Its convenient size lends itself nicely for portability--especially in larger purses, briefcases, and diaper bags!

"Frame Games" are pictorial word puzzles. For example, one puzzle features a series of horizontal lines. In bold, the letters NME are at the fore. The answer? "Behind enemy lines".

Some puzzles are pretty easy, but others are real stumpers! There's a few I haven't gotten yet, in fact.

Rather than read this book all the way through, I pick it up every once in awhile just to solve a few puzzles. For example, earlier this evening I was sitting on the porch with my husband and we were trying to figure out some of the frame games.

The answers are on consecutive pages in case you're tempted to peek. I actually wish they were all in the back because it's possible to accidentally see the answers to previous puzzles you may not have solved yet if your eye roams towards the center of the book!

Sit & Solve Frame Games is great fun and would make an exceptional gift or stocking-stuffer for hard-to-buy-for folks who tend to enjoy puzzles.

And hey! you just can't beat the affordability for this much amusement, either.

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