“Because of their color, shape, and splendor, gems have captivated man since the most ancient of times, leading him to give prodigious attributes and using them—even today—for divining, therapeutic, and talismanic purposes.” –from the Gems Oracle Cards booklet

The Gems Oracle Cards depicts 32 different gems and stones, each containing special magical properties. This oracle provides the meaning of each gemstone and how its message can address both practical and spiritual situations.

The front of each numbered card features a color picture of a particular stone against a green marble background. The name of the stone is provided in 5 different languages, as are the card meanings found in the 32 page “little white book” that accompanies the deck: English, Italian, Spanish, French, and German.

Some of the wisdom found in the Gems Oracle Cards:

Topaz – Messages

Signs from above. Astral journeys. Relations with foreign countries, trade, tourism, and communications. Experiences in far-off lands.

Peridot – Serenity

Wisdom. Rural environment. Trips, travel for pleasure or study. Composed, sincere, and unassuming person.

Aquamarine – Introspection

A good time for self-analysis. Place of meditation. Well-pondered decisions.

The Gems Oracle Cards is an adequate divination system if you have a passing interest in crystals and stones. However, if you want an crystal oracle with depth and symbolism, I’d recommend the Jewels of the Lotus Tibetan Gemstone Oracle instead.

Below are six images from the deck:

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