The Genius Machine: The 11 Steps that Turn Raw Ideas Into Brilliance - Gerald Sindell
“Innovation begins with a need—whether it’s the next-generation high-speed switch, a change in corporate culture, the design for a flagship product, or finishing a book on deadline. Throughout our lives we are met with challenges to create something that isn’t already there. We can either do decent work and make something that, at the very least, does the job, or we can come up with something that is simply brilliant. In many ways, the choice is yours.” – From The Genius Machine

What is a genius thinker? According to author Gerald Sindell, founder of Thought Leaders International, a genius thinker is one who looks at what everyone else has looked at and sees something new.

In his new book The Genius Machine, Sindell distills the eleven-step revolutionary system he has used to guide leaders, organizations, and authors. By taking an idea and then running it through Sindell’s innovation hopper, concepts are subjected to critical thinking, including differentiation, implication, refinement and advocacy.

Sindell calls his eleven-step system Endleofon (END-leo-fahn), an Old English word for “eleven”, but his clients call it the “Genius Machine”—and for good reason: by subjecting any plan or proposed solution to these critical steps, an individual, team or business can go from the beginning of a problem to the point where an idea/work becomes fully developed and ready to take its rightful place in the world.

Here are few fascinating nuggets from The Genius Machine:

• “Identity is the source of that feeling deep inside us that says we have something we were meant to do in this world, and that if we could just find it, we’d be on the right path. Fortunately, we *can* find it.”

• “Geniuses always have their antennas out for shuffle-the-deck breakthroughs in their own immediate area and in the world in general. This is one reason why we need to develop our own personal array of filters that we bring us the information we need as soon as it happens. Shuffle-the-deck breakthroughs in the Great Conversation changes the conversation.”

• “Elegance is inherently attractive: simplicity is artful. In thinking and writing, too, elegance is appealing. When we have refined our thinking to the point that our hard work has become invisible, then we will have achieved elegance. Elegant thinking has many advantages over its cruder competition: elegance communications more efficiently, is likely to be adopted faster, and will often have the strength to fend off the competition.”

• “If you were not successful in getting your way of seeing things out in the world, what is it the world would have lost?”

• “We can often discover our entire framework by looking closely at any single element of what we’re creating, since the truth of the whole is carried in every one of its parts. Everything we create, in each of its parts, expresses our values, our expression of what we think is the nature of life and humankind, our hopes for ourselves and the world.”

From business to psychology, publishing to education, medicine to software development, The Genius Machine provides anyone with a brilliant vision, complex problem, or timely invention with a step-by-step plan for defining, refining, polishing and producing those ideas and solutions. In fact, a development cycle that might take months or years could feasibly be reduced to days or weeks using the Endleofon system.

Have a book you want to write? Put it through the Genius Machine. Invented a product that could change the world? Run it through the Endleofon system. Up against a corporate problem, human resource hemorrhage, or strategy snafu? Again, take it through Gerald Sindell’s eleven-step process to gain clarity.

At first glance, this 145-page book seems so commonsensical, I was somewhat surprised to find that Endleofon is so revolutionary. But then I soon realized that the reason it seemed so “common sense” to me was because I processed book ideas, entrepreneurial opportunities, and creative solutions through very similar tests! In fact, it’s how I weed out “good ideas” from ones that won’t work for me, especially in terms of identity (what I’m driven to contribute) and impact (if an idea will help me to fulfill my goals in alignment with my values).

Whether you’re a CEO or an educator, a writer or a student, a scientist or farmer, The Genius Machine can literally take your intellectual property, put it through the Endleofon hopper, and churn out brilliance. The funny thing is, though, that once you begin thinking like a genius via Sindell’s method, you’ll never see yourself, your ideas, or the world quite the same again.

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