The Giant Book of Magic - Cassandra Eason
Honestly, I can't believe how affordable this 472 page book is--especially considering all the information Cassandra Eason has packed into it!

Originally published in the U.K. in 1997 as "The Mammoth Book of Ancient Wisdom", the Giant Book of Magic overflows with all things New Age, including divination methods, rituals, lore and mystical traditions from around the world. Here are the 40 Chapters in this book:

1. Aboriginal Magic
2. Air Magic
3. Animal Magic
4. Bird Magic (Auspicy)
5. Celtic Magic
6. Chinese Magic
7. Christmas Magic
8. Colour Magic
9. Crystallomancy
10. Dice Magic
11. Domestic Magic
12. Domino Divination
13. Earth Magic
14. Egyptian Magic
15. Eskimo (Inuit) Magic
16. Fairy Magic
17. Fertility Magic
18. Fire Magic
19. Flower Magic
20. Food Magic
21. The Gypsy
22. Halloween Magic
23. Herb Magic
24. Indian Magic
25. Love Magic
26. Maori Magic
27. Mayan Magic
28. Metal Magic
29. Moon Magic
30. Native North American Magic
31. New Year Magic
32. Norse Magic
33. South African Magic
34. Seasonal Magic
35. Sun Magic
36. Tea Leaf Reading
37. Time Magic
38. Travelling Magic
39. Tree Magic
40. Water Magic

Didn't I tell you The Giant Book of Magic was chock full of information?! 

My only criticism of this hardcover book is that it's printed in bold font (it reminds me of the yellowed hardcover books from the 1950's!) that I find a bit irritating to read for some reason. After awhile, the words almost swim before my eyes--perhaps because the font seems small, as well.

If you're fascinated by divination methods, mystical practices and shamanism, I think you'll be very pleased with this affordable book!

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