Recently I purchased The Tarot Reader print online from baba studio and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with it! The vibrant, saturated quality of the giclee prints are outstanding--truly a work of art. In addition to The Tarot Reader, an image from baba studio's Baroque Bohemian Cats' Tarot (2nd Edition), I also received The Hermit--my favorite card in the Tarot.

I swear, it's as if I could actually reach out and feel the burgundy satin on The Tarot Reader's cowl and the plush purple velvet of The Hermit's robe! While The Tarot Reader isn't a limited edition, most of their other prints--including The Hermit--are limited to 150.

For authentication, all prints are signed and numbered by Karen Mahony and Alex Ukolov--the geniuses behind baba studio/Magic Realist Press in Prague. For those of you unfamiliar with Alex and Karen, they are the artists, designers and authors of beloved Tarot decks like The Fairytale Tarot, The Tarot of Prague, The Victorian Romantic Tarot, and The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot.

Each print is made individually according to giclee standards with archival inks on thick, high quality Archival Matte Paper. The size of the prints are around 9 x 6 inches and although I couldn't find any suitable frames for a "perfect" fit, I found that 8 x 10 frames can work beautifully with some kind of paper behind the print (white worked great for my purposes, complementing the white outer border).

Other Tarot card prints from several of their decks include The High Priestess, The Star, Justice, Temperance, The Hanged Cat and many more. In addition to their high-quality giclee prints, baba studio also sells Tarot bags, cushions, bucket bags and other distinctive items--many Tarot related. (Personally, I'd love to have one of their shoulder bags--but I can't decide between The Hermit, The Moon or The Tarot Reader!)

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