The God Code - Gregg Braden
What would happen if the Earth were to receive a transmission from outer space? What if someone--or something--had a message for humankind? How would it affect humanity to know we are not alone?

What if there was indeed a message being communicated to humanity, but it was imbedded in a form much closer to home? In fact, what if there was a message within the DNA of every man, woman and child on the Earth?

A result of 12 years of research, The God Code - The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future is a fascinating book by Gregg Braden that boldly proclaims that not only is there a message encoded in our DNA, but also that this chemical message is the ancient name of God.

Using a portion of the ancient Kabbalah known as the Sepher Yetzirah, Braden explains that each of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet has a corresponding numerical value. The Sepher Yetzirah is considered a meditative text that contains mysterious alchemical language.

Citing numbers as the universal language that aids in comparing "apples to apples", Braden correlates these numeric values with the ancient name for God, the elements of fire, water, air, and earth, and the atomic mass of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and carbon--the very elements that make up our DNA.

The result?

"The key to translating the code of DNA into meaningful language is to apply the discovery that converts elements to letters. Based upon their matching values, hydrogen becomes the Hebrew letter Yod (Y), nitrogen becomes the letter Hey (H), oxygen becomes the letter Vav (V), and carbon becomes Gimel (G). These substitutions now reveal that the ancient form of God's name, YH, exists as the literal chemistry of our genetic code. Through this bridge between God's name and the elements of modern science, it now becomes possible to reveal the full mystery and find even greater meaning in the ancient code that lives as each cell of our bodies."

Our DNA may then be read literally as a translatable alphabet within each of our cells. What are the odds of these four Hebrew letters randomly creating a meaningful message? Only 1 in 234,256.

Einstein once said: "My comprehension of God comes from the deeply felt conviction of a superior intelligence that reveals itself in the knowable world." Other brilliant minds have also echoed the concept of "intelligent design". With the discovery of the "God code", we now know that God has left a calling card within our very DNA. When decoded, this message reads "God/Eternal, within the body". This certainly introduces a new spin on the ancient spiritual truths of "look within" and "know thyself"!

So what does it all mean? We are here by design-by an intentional act of creation. And, we are all connected by this amazing message shared within our DNA. 95% of the Earth's population believes in God, and the "God code" proves our common ancestry and connection to one another. In fact, the name of God not only correlates numerically in Hebrew, but also in Arabic! Braden says "...the code carries the same message of possibility and hope to the three religions that account for over one-half of the world's population: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity."

This brings me to the entire point of Braden's book: 80 million children, women, and men were lost to violence based in ethnic, religious and philosophical conflicts just in the last century. This is more than the lives lost through natural disasters and AIDS combined during the same time period. We are faced with the mid-century projected collapse of the Earth's ecosystem, the largest build up of weapons and military forces since WWII, and drug resistant diseases. Nearly 1/3 of the world's nations are engaged in armed conflict. Humanity is the greatest threat to our future.

Einstein also said that a problem cannot be solved with the same thinking that created it. Braden hopes that his 12 years of research pays off with mankind realizing that we can transcend the differences that threaten to obliterate us by having a shared vision. Instead of waiting for a unifying disaster like September 11th, the God code could serve as a starting point for unity.

Citing examples of humanity's courage, goodness, and kindness, Braden believes that this is truly our "natural state". He also explains that periods of chaos is what leads to the establishment of new patterns. Change is a form of chaos, and for humanity to heal the beliefs that has led us to think our differences are intolerable, three things must be present:

1. We must be willing to change
2. We must believe that the change is worth making.
3. We must believe that change is possible.

Braden is very hopeful, believing that history shows our willingness to change is our basic nature, and the escalating threats to our survival provide a worthwhile reason to change. That leaves the notion of believing that change is possible:

"Although the literal text of the message 'God/Eternal within the body' will undoubtedly be subject to various interpretations, the fact that the message exists at all speaks volumes. Regardless of 'who' or 'what' we believe is the source of our genetic code, the tremendous degree of order implied by the message says that something else is 'out there'. This reminds us that we're part of a bigger picture, and perhaps a bigger plan. For these reasons, the message in our bodies is unprecedented in its role of providing a platform of common ground in the resolution of our differences."

For humanity's sake, I truly hope Braden is right.

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