Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards - Doreen Virtue
"By working with the goddesses, you heal and empower your own inner feminine wisdom, which is within every woman and man. Your intuition is awakened, allowing you to be even more psychic. The goddesses also clear and open your heart chakra, which results in increased manifestation abilities. As we all awaken our own inner feminine power, our world becomes more balanced..." --Dr. Doreen Virtue
The goddesses are powerful, loving beings who want to help you with every part of your life. Goddesses come from various cultures and religions and work "hand-in-wing" with the angels. Dr. Doreen Virtue--clairvoyant, Doctor of Psychology, and angel therapist--has created a stunning deck, Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, to assist you in contacting goddesses, receiving their important wisdom for both yourself and others.

This 44-card deck comes in a sturdy, glossy box and is accompanied by a 119-page Guidebook. Each card has a gloss finish, featuring gorgeous artwork by various artists and a short message from each goddess. What I found the most delightful about the cards is their gilt edging. Remember the old family Bibles whose pages shone gold while shut? This is the lustrous effect of gilt edging--perfect for a deck dedicated to the goddesses, don't you think?

The goddesses featured in Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards are from both ancient and modern cultural and religious traditions, spanning Greek, Roman, Mayan, Christian, Gnostic, Buddhist, Egyptian, Celtic, African, Norse, Hindu, Inuit and other affiliations. In the Guidebook, expanded information for each goddess is given including:

*A channeled message from the goddess
*General meanings for each card (key phrases)
*Brief bio (history, religion/tradition, characteristics)

Dr. Virtue gives insightful pointers in the Guidebook including how to consecrate your deck, give readings to others, and use the cards for personal meditation, guidance, and healing. She also gives advice on spreads, reading reversals, and storing your cards. I especially like her advice on how to instantly infuse your deck with white light, clearing it of muddy energy (rap your knuckle on the deck with your dominant hand) and how to "read" a person when talking on the phone to ascertain their character and motivations.

If you're looking to honor divine feminine wisdom and guidance offered by the goddesses, as well as incorporating their loving and profound wisdom into your life, I highly recommend this deck. In addition these cards can be used in conjunction with Doreen's other oracle decks.

Below are 10 images from the deck, including the backing:
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