Goddess, Guide Me! - Amy Zerner & Monte Farber
“It is…crucial to remember that just as all the goddesses that have ever existed are merely individual expressions of the One Goddess, all the gods and goddesses ever worshipped are merely symbols of the unnameable Force that created and continues to create everything. To impose a gender on it is to make it more comprehensible and accessible. We are all children of these same loving parents.” – From the book

Spanning the boundaries of time, race and culture, Goddess, Guide Me! imparts the unique wisdom of twelve goddesses. Using an innovative and attractive design, this particular oracle uses three dice (included) to arrive at three different numbers governing the realms of Head, Heart and Home. Amy Zerner’s spectacularly vibrant tapestries are split into three different sections corresponding with these areas, which are easily accessed by flipping spiral-bound pages.

For example, say you’re inquiring the goddesses about a particular subject, and roll 3 for the purple die (head), 9 for the blue die (heart) and 12 for the gray die (home). You’d flip to the corresponding text to come up with:

Brigit, Goddess of Communication (Think Persuasively)
Lakshmi, Goddess of Wisdom (Feel Open)
Eurzulie, Goddess of Sensitivity (Go With the Flow)

On one side, each of the three cards provides a message and meditation for each goddess/number combination. On the other side, Amy’s lovely tapestries are seamlessly split into three to make a visual representation of the three areas of unique wisdom (Head, Heart and Home).

For example, using the above example, the illuminating text by Monte Farber for Brigit, Goddess of Communication in the mental guidance (head) realm says:

“My head is crowned with gold, and the two star-shaped earrings I wear protect me from hearing that which is not true.

I am certain that what I know is true. I use my cunning mind to convince those who will listen, and I ignore those who will not.”

In addition to the oracular component, Goddess, Guide Me! also contains 45 pages covering a Grounding Ritual, the Herstory of the Goddess, in-depth elaboration for the Head/Heart/Home realm for each goddess, and twelve different rituals ranging from Artemis’ Stop Worrying! ritual to Freyja’s ritual of Stand Out and Shine!

For accessing divine wisdom for your Head, Heart and Home, Goddess, Guide Me! is a fantastic oracle that delivers both a unique image and a loving, direct messages from the goddesses. I found this oracle to be as accurate as it is lovely, and it spoke directly to my question about a current writing project in an almost eerie way!

I’ve not seen anything like Goddess, Guide Me! and highly recommend this treasure to all who seek insight from the goddesses, as well as those who desire to integrate feminine wisdom into their lives.

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