Goddess Power Pack - Cordelia Brabbs
“Believe it or not, you’re a goddess. Yes, you. When you’ve stopped sniggering, have a listen to this. Despite all that time you spend looking into the mirror and telling your reflection that it’s ugly, fat, spotty, stupid, or good-for-nothing, there is a gorgeous, powerful goddess inside you, just waiting to be unleashed so she can make a big impression on the world.” – From the companion book

Some people call the powerful, sustaining energy that infuses everything with life God, Spirit, or All-That-Is. Others call this nurturing, wise energy “Goddess”. By focusing on the stories and myths of ancient goddesses, modern women can invoke and apply the embodied traits for everyday living. After all, the goddesses are but one example of the many faces of the Divine.

In the Goddess Power Pack, author Cordelia Brabbs presents a contemporary take on the goddesses, inviting young women to celebrate uniqueness, resist conformity, eschew cattiness, act with compassion, embrace optimism, and take responsibility for every aspect of their lives.

Accompanied by a 128-page full-color companion book, the Goddess Power Pack features 30 attractive cards dedicated to a particular goddess. Whether used for divination, contemplation, or ritual, these cards are designed to enlighten and empower “g-girls”—the author’s nickname for “goddess girls”—and can be used in groups or for solo seekers.

Filled with encouraging advice like “stop poisoning your body with drugs, alcohol and cigarettes” and promoting self-acceptance and female bonding, the Goddess Power book provides instructions on holding seasonal circles (such as Imbolc, Samhain and Yule) and how to create “g-gangs” (an unfortunate choice of word meaning a group of girls dedicated to goddess power).

The author also provides three simple solo rituals that can be adapted for groups: Aphrodite’s Love Ritual, Lakshmi’s Abundance Ritual, and Kali’s Courage Ritual. Ms. Brabbs also shares five spreads to use with the Goddess Power Pack cards for resolving dilemmas and gaining insight. I found the 5-card Goddess Cross to be especially accessible and illuminating.

Some of the goddesses and themes from the Goddess Power Pack include:

• Sulis – Health and Healing
• Durga – Boundaries
• Sekmet – Anger Management
• Eostre – Growth
• Yemaya – Releasing Stress
• Artemis – Protection/Independence
• Brigid – Inspiration
• Hecate – Choices
• Maeve – Body Issues
• Tara – Inner Peace
• Mary – Pregnancy/Motherhood

I have a feeling that the author isn’t from the United States, because she uses terms I have never heard of before, such as “scrummy food” (I think it means “yummy food”), and “boffin biology stuff” (no clue what “boffin” means). These unusual terms may be baffling to those from the U.S. (and perhaps elsewhere?)

There are some contradictions in the messages found in the Goddess Power Pack book, which I found a bit unusual. For example, the author implies that “g-girls” should be their own person—dressing and acting they way they want, but then she prescribes her own rues for what a g-girl is: vegetarian, environmentalists, consumers of “all natural” products, and abstainers from TV and video games.

She goes on to say, “g-girls chill out by practising [sic] yoga, listening to meditation CDs, performing goddess rituals, or reading self-help books. Having fun means…getting outside to play…going surfing and snow boarding.” Brabbs even admonishes (perish the thought!) that “you can survive without eating chocolate every day.” Ack!

Too bad the author had to insert her own ideas for what it means to be a g-girl, especially since she encourages young women to reject the ideas of “big corporations”, advertisers, and pop culture messages.

Another mildly disturbing message in the Goddess Power Pack the author’s reiteration that “you can have all the good stuff like love, laughter, health and happiness” and to “believe that you deserve the best”. Ironically, it’s these Western ideals, expectations, and attitudes of entitlement that she seems to rail against!

If you can look past some of the unusual terminology, frequent use of curse words, and corny attempts to sound hip, the Goddess Power Pack promotes inspiration and empowerment to young women. The cards alone can be used as a solid divination tool (even for not-so-young women), and the author’s card descriptions, interpretations, affirmations, and invocation tips are engaging and informative.

Below are 10 card images from the 30-card deck:

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