Goddess Signs: Which One Are You? - Angela Danton
"The wonderful secrets of your animal sign can help you to realize your true potential and develop more understanding of your fellow human beings. Your Goddess Sign will give you an even deeper knowledge of your spiritual purpose and your karma (or your own soul's pathway), while at the same time revealing fascinating insights into your relationships." --Angelica Danton
Like most people, I've been fascinated by systems designed to tell me more about myself: Why am I here? Why do I do the things I do? Am I unique...or are there others similar to me?

In her book Goddess Signs: Which One Are You?, author and professional astrologer Angelica Danton gives an original perspective on the link between Chinese astrology and goddess spirituality. Based on decades of research, she realized there was a fascinating correlation between the 12 animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac and the characteristics of ancient goddesses.

Despite my fascination with new astrological and personality systems, I was skeptical about this book only because my Chinese animal sign (Dog) never seemed to fit me. I would go to Chinese restaurants, see the Chinese Zodiac on the paper placemat and think "Ugh. That is so not me!" So when I read the beginning of this book and saw that there were five goddess types (Moon, Sun, Earth, Warrior, and Dark Goddess) I thought I'll look up my birthday on the chart, and if I'm not a Moon Goddess, I'm not reading any further...especially if I'm supposedly an Earth Goddess! (Hey, I'm not going to spend my time reading a book that doesn't even fit me...let alone write a review on it!) Somehow, I intuitively felt that I was a Moon Goddess. In fact, when I read another book several months ago that described several Goddesses, I felt an immediate connection to Selene (a Moon Goddess.)

So I took a gander at the chart in the book, and I was, in fact, a Moon Goddess Sign! If that author got that right (I thought), maybe I'll finally get some insight on what it means to be a Dog! And sure enough, I did. More on that later, though...

The introduction to Goddess Signs has a brief description of the 5 Goddess types, including examples of famous women that personify a type and their patron goddesses. Here's the breakdown of Goddess types and Chinese animals:

Moon Goddess Goat, Dog, Cat
Sun Goddess  Dragon and Rooster
Earth Goddess Pig and Ox
Warrior Goddess Tiger and Horse
Dark Goddess Rat, Monkey, Snake

Each of the 12 animal signs are given a thorough overview detailing the following areas of each type:

*As a child
*Life in the 21st century
*Ritual work

I have to say that 80% of the descriptions for my type fit me. The only parts that didn't fit were financial (I'm a spender...not a saver!), and some of the relationship elements. But now I understand where the "loyalty" fits in: that trait of the Dog always threw me for a loop, because I never considered myself particularly loyal. (You have to be trusting for that, and while I assume good intentions with others, I keep people at an emotional distance.) She explains that Dogs are loyal to their chosen family, which makes perfect sense to me. She even filled in the blanks about the emotional detachment, especially as a Metal Dog. (Metals are intellectuals and usually have the ability to detach well.) The author also gives an overview of the other elements: Wood, Earth, Water, Fire. As you can see, there are layers of complexity that you can use to get greater insight into your animal/goddess Sign.

For each Chinese animal sign, the author lists other correlations including Tarot card, Moon phase, celestial bodies, colors, crystals and gems, incense, herbs/plants, and more. Associated goddesses are described in greater depth, and numerological correlations are also listed. (For example, you reduce your birth number, and compare it to a chart.) If that's not enough, you also get a list of about 20 Positive Traits for each type, and 20 Negative Traits. Again, I found this to be very accurate. Finally, there is a compatibility chart for each sign, rituals and tools, and a meditation unique to that sign's spiritual growth. For example, the meditation for Dog Women are for new friends.

At 265 pages, Goddess Signs: Which One Are You?  is chock-full of helpful information. And men, you're not left out, either! There is a section devoted to God Signs of men, including famous contemporary examples including the likes of Keanu Reeves, Tobey Maguire, Johnny Depp, J.R.R. Tolkien, Peter Jackson, Bono, and more!) There is even a paragraph devoted for each of the possible combination of Goddess and God signs.

One thing that I am confused about, however: it's my understanding that there is a Rabbit and Sheep in the Chinese Zodiac. I've never heard of a Goat or Cat in Chinese astrology. Judging from the birthdate chart, it seems that Rabbit correlates with Cat, and Sheep correlates with Goat in Danton's system.

What I like most about this book is that it provides an original combination of Chinese animal sign and Goddess archetypes...something I've not seen before. A good deal of the information in the book was new to me, and I'm always delighted to stumble upon unfamiliar ideas--especially if the information is practical. You'll certainly learn more about yourself with Goddess Signs, as well as how your animal sisters see the world.

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