Goddesses & Angels – Awakening Your Inner High-Priestess and “Source-eress” by Doreen Virtue
“You see, when you’re in love, you look for similarities with your beloved. Since the root of all conflict is seeing differences between yourself and another, love truly seems to be the key to eliminating conflict.” – Doreen Virtue

Collectively, our bodies are groaning under the weight of environmental pollution, sulfites, conflict, psychic debris, and ego-induced fears and stressors. On a larger scale, this strain is taking a toll on Mother Earth and precious natural resources.

In her book Goddesses & Angels – Awakening Your Inner High-Priestess and “Source-eress”, angel therapist and clairvoyant channel Doreen Virtue sounds a clarion call for reclaiming the Divine feminine that has largely been banished from modern culture. Stressing the importance of balance between feminine and masculine energies (rather than demonizing the latter), Doreen relates raw personal anecdotes and spiritual lessons for welcoming and integrating the Goddess.

As she did in previous books like Angel Medicine, Doreen shares mystical, alchemical, and esoteric teachings culled from various shamans, healers, historians, scientists, and “new” kids that she encounters in her world travels. For example, Doreen and her husband (author/shaman Steven Farmer) meet with a Mayan astrologer in Cancun. The astrologer relates how the 13 houses of the Mayan system connect to the 13 annual cycles of the moon and feminine energy. As depicted on the Mexican flag, the matriarchal Mayan tradition believed in the balance of the serpent and the eagle—the feminine and masculine—for inner and outer harmony. In fact, the pyramid of Chichen Itza—based on the two Mayan calendars—reflects the fusing of these energies with the interior steps adding up to 260 (the number of days in the feminine Tzolkin calendar) and the outer steps adding up to 365 (the number of days in the masculine Haab calendar.)

Woven throughout the fascinating conversations and synchronicities Doreen shares in Goddesses & Angels are intriguing metaphysical teachings based upon the Guidance and channelings of both Angels and Goddesses.  Archangel Michael tells Doreen, quite bluntly, that sulfur-containing chemicals known as sulfites were causing her body to bloat and her skin to itch. As soon as she eliminated sulfites from her diet, the symptoms disappeared and 45 pounds melted right off her.

Other fascinating information found in Goddesses and Angels include:

Healing ceremonies experienced in a sweat lodge, upon crystal beds, atop the rocks of Arizona, on the shores of sandy beaches, at the Lourdes grotto, within a Goddess Temple, at Brigit’s Well, in Bernadette’s Cahot and other sacred sites
The return of mer-people to the Earth and the possible aquatic origins of mankind—as well as the connection to dolphins
The unedited Course in Miracles, known as the Urtext, and how this document differs from the popular edited Course
Attributes, gifts, and personality traits of the four elements—Fire, Water, Air, and Earth—and how these correlate to hair and eye color
Messages from the Dalai Lama, Amma (the hugging saint), and Masaru Emoto as they relate to consciousness, peace, and compassion
Remembering Atlantean and Lemurian culture and spiritual teachings—including how the cravings for chocolate are the cravings for Atlantis
Further observations about the Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow children
Manifestation and abundance
Biological functions such as the synchronization of mirror neurons and how they connect to increased consciousness
The power of water and fire energy and how they connect to invoking and manifesting Goddess energy
Energy drainage and its connection to etheric cords, excessive giving without regards to self-nurturing, and negative people and attitudes
Interactions with—and messages from—Goddesses such as Artemis, Xochiquetzal, Brigit, Kali, and Mother Mary as well as archangels Michael, Metatron, Raziel, and others
The power—and purpose—of prayer

Other interesting tidbits and wise counsel are packed into Goddesses & Angels—Awakening Your Inner High-Priestess and “Source-eress”. Part II of the book—spanning only 14 pages—lists various Goddesses and Angels, but the information is very basic. If you want a more thorough treatment of Goddesses and Angels—without the travelogue—Archangels and Ascended Masters is a better choice.

I had resistance to some of the theories raised in the book, but I tried to keep an open mind. For example, Doreen believes in Walk-Ins, which are supposedly souls that “stepped into” the body of another when an individual is suicidal or traumatized. In his book Journey of Souls, hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton emphatically denies the existence of Walk-Ins because the transference would supplant and individual’s personally chosen path. After regressing hundreds of people over the years, it was obvious that Walk-Ins did not exist.

In addition, Doreen elevates dolphins to a spiritually ascended state, as do many New Agers. Yet, neither she nor dolphin devotees acknowledge the complex social structure of dolphins and how orchestrated gang rape, bullying, the harassment and forced isolation of females, and the killing of dolphin babies so they can “get it on” with the  mother—occur quite frequently. (If this bursts your metaphysical bubble, you’re not alone. My husband and I were disappointed to discover this, as well.) These behaviors are extra chilling in light of Doreen’s belief that dolphins, once “one with the humans”, shape-shifted and went to the sea until humanity became more “peaceful and environmentally conscious”—and that dolphin channelings assert that “Now is the time…we’re coming back to take over the world.”

Fans of Doreen Virtue and books like The Lightworker’s Way and Angel Medicine will be thrilled with Goddesses & Angels. If you’re new to Doreen’s work, it’s not necessary to have read any of her other books to get something out of this one. However, if you’re not used to New Age ideas, you may find this book a bit “out there”. Doreen shows us her vulnerability, fears, and personal challenges and how she navigates her own path with the help of the Goddesses and Angels. It’s refreshing to see such openness and curiosity by an author, especially in an era where many spiritual teachers arrogantly declare their personal beliefs as rock-solid universal truths and deride others with differing experiences.

Humanity and the planet are in desperate need of feminine energy to balance the unchecked masculine energy that has reigned for centuries, and this book is an important addition to the swelling chorus welcoming the return of the Goddess.

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