Grace Cards - Cheryl Richardson
“You can use the Grace Cards several ways. Empty them into a basket and pick a message every day. Or, when faced with a decision, close your eyes, ask a question, and choose one card for guidance and inspiration. Also, you can share the gift of grace with family, friends, and colleagues by including these cards in thank-you notes, birthday greetings, or any correspondence where you’d like to give the gift of inspiration!” – Cheryl Richardson

Grace Cards by Cheryl Richardson is a lavishly illustrated deck of 50 inspirational cards. The ethereal, sumptuous artwork of Christophe Vacher and Amoreno grace these cards while Cheryl’s wisdom imparts grace, comfort, and gentle guidance.

On one side, you’ll find a full color painting by either artist as well as the card’s theme. The other side features a brief meditation, inspiration, or affirmation. Some of the cards you’ll find this deck include:

Support – Expect help. A Divine power more magnificent than anything else that exists on the planet is ready to support our every move.

Choice – For every action there is a reaction. Choose wisely.

Peace – When we balance silence with activity, we discover true peace of mind—the source of all joy and happiness.

Mirror – Learn to see God’s presence in everyone you meet.

Anticipation – Expect the best. The world is working in your favor.

Shine – Step into the light. You are a gift to the world.

Release – Let go. When we release our attachment to the outcome, we allow the power of grace to work its magic.

Like her Self Care Cards, Cheryl Richardson’s Grace Cards delivers sage advice for enhancing well-being, promoting mindfulness, appropriating grace, and living abundantly. This 50-card deck is a beautiful way to tap into grace and bestow the same on friends and family—especially by tucking a card into a letter or gift package.

Below are 6 images from this deck:

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