Manifesting Good Luck Cards: Growth and Enlightenment – Deepak Chopra
“The intention of the Growth and Enlightenment cards is to bring you insight and wisdom, and encourage you on your spiritual journey. As you work with the cards, you will practice the Law of Least Effort and the Law of Intention. The Law of Least Effort requires you to simply shuffle the cards and pick one at random. The Law of Intention asks you to focus on what the card says and how it relates to your life. Let’s begin the wondrous journey into the world of infinite potential.” – Deepak Chopra

Illustrated in vibrant hues of purples and pinks, the Manifesting Good Luck Cards: Growth and Enlightenment is a 50-card deck imbued with encouraging, wise, and pointed insights. These cards come in a flip-top box that closes magnetically. One side features an affirmation, while the back further elaborates on the theme.

Here is a sampling of these uplifting affirmations:

My inner self is my point of reference when I make decisions. When I learn to rely on my inner self to decide, I know I’m on the right track—regardless of anyone else’s opinion.

I recognize that my experience of reality is unique. When I recognize that no one experiences reality in exactly the same way, or responds to it in the same way, I am free.

I am beneath or above no one. When I am independent of the good or bad opinion of others, I stand strong in my own divine power.

I recognize that the simple solution is the best solution. Spiritual growth rarely results from overcoming difficulty. It comes from finding the simple way.

With every new experience, I become something new. With every new adventure in life, whether it’s a new job, a new relationship, a new friendship, or a new environment, I grow and am transformed.

I release the past to open myself to the future. When I let go of the known (my past) I accelerate the process of evolution.

My dharma is my destiny. Dharma is destiny without any hint of compulsion or force. It is the past of least resistance—the path that brings the greatest fulfillment and the most happiness.

If you find the wisdom of Deepak Chopra enlightening and helpful, you’ll enjoy the Growth and Enlightenment deck. The square, glossy cards are attractive, and the affirmations provoke contemplation and positive action while navigating your unique spiritual path. I especially like the fact that Chopra emphasizes unity consciousness and living in the Now, as well as personal empowerment and the importance of listening to—and heeding—the divine voice within.

Below are the front and back of three of the cards:

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