Halloween Divination Games
In your Halloween celebration this year, why not consider using Divination party games? While those of us who identify with New Age practices take Divination quite seriously, we all had to start somewhere when learning how to use divination tools and discern Guidance. Games are a non-threatening way to learn something about yourself and others, as well stretching your intuitive capabilities.

We are all intuitive to some degree, and it's possible to increase our spiritual sight by using Divination tools. Where to start? Here are some easy divination tools and games that you can make yourself. In the last half of the article, I include divination tools that I personally own, so I can vouch for their ease of use and "fun factor"! The links in that section will take you directly to my indepth reviews of each tool (except for the last two which I haven't yet written a review).

Easy Do-It-Yourself Divination Games

Candle Prophecy As always, be careful when handling candles! Give each party-goer a sheet of construction paper. They can each have their own candle, or you could use just one. Have them ask a question in their mind, silently, or aloud. Pour wax drippings on the paper and interpret the patterns. If the querent themselves are interpreting, the wax drippings serve a sort of Rorshach--helping them to uncover their own answers.

Bibliomancy Bibliomancy is the practice of asking a question, and using a book to find a relevant answer. Most people use a sacred text such as the Bible for this kind of guidance. However, you can really use any book on hand. Ask a question aloud, and then turn to a portion of the book with your non-dominant hand. Whatever passage or image your eyes fall upon will be relevant to the question asked.

Yes/No/Unknown Beans Take a bag of beans and divide them in three piles. Using a black magic marker, make an Y on both sides of one pile, make an N on both sides of the second pile, and a ? on both sides of the third pile. Put the beans in a hat, plastic jack-o-latern, or bag. Ask a question, and pick a bean! The ? option means that the energy isn't formed yet to offer a definite answer.

Pebble Divination Known as pessomancy, reading pebble formations is a very ancient divinatory art. You could also use small beans for this game. Take a handful of beans and "cast" them upon a cloth, board, table, or floor. Study the patterns and see what it "speaks" to you!

Cotton Fortune Cookies If you have time to make your own authentic fortune cookies, great! If not, here's an easy alternative: write wise sayings or quotes on a strip of paper and fold the paper until it's quite small. Tuck it inside a cotton ball. Do as many of these 'cotton fortunes' as you would like, and place them in a hat, jar, or bag. Each guest can ask a question, silently or aloud, and the fortune they receive will pertain to their question. Aleuromancy is a form of divination through messages placed in baked goods such as cakes or cookies.

Chakra Stones Paint 7 pebbles or stones in the colors of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Put the stones in the bag, and ask your question. Red stones mean the answer lies in the realm of the material (such as family or job), Orange stones mean the answer lies in personal relationships, especially with regards to sex, money, or competition, Yellow stones indicate that the answer lies in the realm of personal power and self-esteem, Green stones mean that the answer lies with matters of the heart including forgiveness and compassion, Blue stones indicates that the answer lies within the realm of communication and speaking your truth, Indigo stones indicates that the answer lies in the realm of wisdom, intellect, and intuition, and Violet stones indicate the answer lies in the realm of your spiritual path, angels, guides, and your relationship with the Divine.

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