Handwriting Analysis -  Putting It to Work for You by Andrea McNichol
Does your handwriting reveal your personality? What about your state of health, honesty, sanity, motivation, sobriety and intelligence?

According to Handwriting Analysis - Putting It to Work For You handwriting reveals these traits and a whole lot more. Author Andrea McNichol is an expert graphologist who has been consulted by law enforcement agencies, the State Department, and Fortune 500 companies. She has also served as an Examiner of Questioned Documents in such cases as the Howard Hughes will, the Ted Bundy murders, and the Hitler Diaries. McNichol brings her extensive expertise and insights to this very readable, interactive book.

At the onset, you are asked to write a lengthy handwriting sample on unlined paper. As she says, the more you write, the happier you'll be later when you find out what it all means! Why? Well, once you find out about the many aspects of handwriting analysis, it is likely to affect your handwriting especially in the initial stages. So to write some samples helps give a more unbiased picture of your traits. It's so much fun (not to mention utterly fascinating!) to compare writing samples to the examples and traits listed in this book. Now, my husband and I analyze everything from restaurant bills to signatures, holiday cards, and more.

McNichol uses actual case studies and handwriting samples as she teaches you graphology. For example, the reader is presented with two handwriting samples: one is an authentic note from the Zodiac killer (suspected of murdering more than sixty peopled in the San Francisco Bay area during the late 1960's and the 1970's) and a fake. The giveaway to the real note? The "Maniac d" that McNichol discusses earlier in the chapter. A Maniac d is when the letter suddenly takes off at an acute angle to the right. It indicates a person who can lose emotional control, who can sudddenly go off the deep end. People who exhibit frequent and severely rightward Maniac d's are known to be extremely dangerous.

Here are just a few of the many tidbits found in this 351 page book:

In addition to giving samples of writing from actual case histories (including employee theft, check forgeries and a babysitter on drugs), McNichol also delves into the world of doodles and signatures. In fact, she shares an extensive collection of signatures from celebrities including Liberace, Jesse Jackson, Vanna White, Bette Midler, Ingrid Bergman, William Shatner, and many others--and what their signatures indicate. She even contrasts former President Ronald Reagan's signature before he was shot in 1981 to his signature just a few weeks later. His handwriting was shaky, and had a descending baseline on the first name. (McNichol details how handwriting has three zones, and different elements in these zones actually indicate health situations and the area they affect.)

Filled with dozens of illustrations and examples in every chapter, as well as quizzes, tidbits, and charts, Handwriting Analysis - Putting It to Work for You puts you on the fast-track to deciphering your handwriting and doodles--and that of others. If you're intrigued by personality and psychology, as well as criminal forensics and mysteries, you'll definitely enjoy this informative and easy-to-read book.

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