Scratch & Solve Hangman #3 – Mike Ward
You're probably familiar with the game Hangman, but just in case you aren't, here's how it works with two people: an individual comes up with a word or phrase while the other must guess it. At the bottom of the page are blanks representing letters. As the player guesses the letters, they are written in the appropriate spot. However, if a wrong letter is guessed, a body part is drawn on the gallows. If an entire body is drawn before the phrase is guessed, the one doing the guessing loses.

In his clever Scratch & Solve Hangman #3, Mike Ward offers a neat twist on an old favorite. You know how instant lottery cards require you to scratch off the metallic finish to reveal what's underneath? That's exactly the way this book works.

For each of the 96 puzzles, there are three components:

*Silver eggs for A through Z
*A dotted-line stick figure on the gallows
*Numbered blanks at the bottom

Here's an example of how a puzzle works. For puzzle one in the Scratch & Solve Hangman #3, I guess the letter "E". When I scratch off the silver egg under "E", it shows the numbers 6 and 8. I go to the bottom of the page and fill in the letter "E" for blanks 6 and 8.

I then guess "R", which revealed a stick figure sticking his tongue out! This means that the letter "R" is NOT a part of solution. If I had revealed six of those faces--which indicates drawing in the head, arms, torso and feet of the body on the gallows--then I would have lost!

However, because I guessed the phrase (poached eggs) before I drew all six body parts, I win! (Admittedly, I had the head and both arms drawn in before I guessed it! Whew!)

This little book is very portable, providing amusement and distraction just about anywhere. Highly recommended if you love Hangman!

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