Heart and Soul Deck – Sylvia Browne
“Many times life makes us feel impotent—we wish to do so many things but we’re stuck. Please realize that even in these times of aimless wandering, we are learning. Let us be patient in our spiritual quest for knowledge.” – Sylvia Browne

In the 50-card Heart and Soul deck, popular psychic and author Sylvia Browne reminds us that life is a gift that we must nurture and treasure. Replete with colorful artwork, this deck provides Sylvia’s wisdom on topics such as working through mental pain, transforming weakness, living with grief, navigating your chart, dealing with dark souls, eliminating deceit, handling divorce, nutrition and exercise, and much more.

One side of the card depicts a particular theme, while the other side offers Sylvia’s commentary on the topic. Some of the sage advice you’ll find in the Heart and Soul deck includes:

Your ReputationPeople may try to ruin your reputation and this can hurt. But remember, it can only hurt your *feelings*. The world will forget, so don’t hold on to bad publicity or what other say. You and God know the truth, so let the rest of it go.

Overcoming Adversity Adversity is the roadblock in life’s path—the boss who never gives you a compliment; the house that can’t be fixed up; a jealous family member…but instead of viewing these things as obstacles, look at them as building blocks for your personal growth.

Releasing GuiltGuilt is a spiritual killer. The only place guilt has in your life is if you did something to another person with malice—for example, intentionally harming someone. Otherwise, guilt is a useless exercise that destroys spiritual growth.

Walking Away from BetrayalIt’s a familiar refrain: “Why was I betrayed when I gave my all?” Know that going through this challenge is part of your chart. Don’t fall into questioning, bitterness, or beating yourself up—simply walk away from this experience.

Risking Failure Failure is a joyless word. Without risk, there can be no gain. If you don’t go out on a limb, you will never see the lovely view!

Although this is a truly gorgeous deck with mostly uplifting advice, a few things don’t set right with me. For example, with the Working Through Physical Pain card, it says “…Relax—we only have to be as sick as we wish to be.” I can’t imagine someone in pain with an illness like cancer being comforted by such a card! The implication is that this person “wishes” to be stricken with cancer. Another problematic card is Avoiding Rumors which says “…If you are doing what you feel God wants, then rumors won’t hurt you.” Huh? I beg to differ, especially based on personal experience!

I feel that the Heart and Soul deck is a great set of cards, with only a few sticking points. The beautiful colors and encouraging wisdom will likely empower and comfort on many levels. I feel this is an especially good deck for therapists, as well as healers who enjoy presenting clients with upbeat tokens. Fans of Sylvia's will no doubt LOVE this deck.

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