The Hidden Messages in Water - Masaru Emoto
Can the solution to the world's problems be as simple as realizing that water has the ability to copy, memorize and transmit information? And, because humans are 70% water, this knowledge translates to the elevation of human consciousness?

Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto believes the answer is a resounding yes. Emoto's pioneering research on the effects of thought, words, and music on water has come to the forefront since his photo of waters crystals have been featured in the popular indie movie What The Bleep Do We Know?!. Many of these photos, as well as the foundations of his research, are featured in Emoto's fascinating book The Hidden Messages In Water.

According to the healing principle of homeopathy, like cures like. So to cure lead poisoning, a minute amount of lead would be included in water to "cancel out" this poisoning. The interesting thing, however, is that despite all traces of lead being removed from the water--entirely undetected by physical means--healing would still occur. Emoto realized that water "memorizes" substances and essentially copies the information. This realization changed his life.

Emoto began to wonder: Is it possible to find physical evidence of the ability of water to memorize information? Might there be some way of seeing it with the physical eye? In The Hidden Messages in Water, Emoto enthusiasm is palpable as he shares his discovery of how to freeze water crystals and photograph them. Since no two snow crystals are alike, he concluded, then perhaps he could capture the "memory" of water on film.

The results astounded him, and are now astounding the world. Emoto exposed water to music like Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony and Mozart's 40th Symphony and the results were well-formed crystals that were delicate, beautiful, elegant, and distinct in characteristic. In contrast, when he exposed water to violent heavy metal music, this resulted in fragmented and deformed crystals.

But the experimentation didn't stop with water. Emoto thought about what would happen if phrases were written on pieces of paper and then wrapped around bottles of water with the words facing in--words such as "Thank you" and "Fool". It didn't seem logical for water to "read" the writing, understand the meaning, and change its form accordingly. Yet, he already knew from his experimentation with music that strange things could happen.

The results of the experiment, as well as the implication, were staggering. Water exposed to "Thank you" formed beautiful hexagonal crystals, but water exposed to the word "Fool" produced fragmented, malformed crystals. Further experimentation showed that water exposed to positive expressions like "Let's do it!" created attractive, well-formed crystals, but water exposed to negative expressions like "Do it!" barely formed any crystals at all.

The lesson from these experiments is that words have power; positive words affect the word accordingly, as does the vibration of negative words and their power to destroy. Because humans are 70% water, how much more do words affect us as well as the planet which is mostly water?

There are 32 color pages in The Hidden Messages in Water, featuring dozens of photographs of water crystals subjected to different songs, words, and stimuli. For example, Elvis Presley's Heartbreak Hotel showed a crystal divided into two parts, almost as if mimicking the song. Appliances that emit electromagnetic frequency, like computers, microwaves, and television, produced incomplete crystals. However, when the same water was subjected to the words love and gratitude, complete crystals were formed--as if those words "healed" the water.

Through his research, Emoto has found that the phrase love and gratitude produces the most beautiful crystal. While "love" and "gratitude" form beautiful crystals separately, the word gratitude seems to be doubly powerful. Water is H2O, and Emoto surmises that it's gratitude that's been missing in the human equation. He goes so far to say: "Love and gratitude" are the words that must serve as the guide for the world....We msut begin by learning what it means to have enough...If you open your eyes, you will see that the world is full of so much that deserves your gratitude."

Perhaps the most compelling story in this book, at least for me, was when a family experimented with rice. They put rice in three jars, and every day for a month, they said "Thank you" to the first jar, "You fool" to the second jar, and completely ignored the third jar. After a month, the rice that was told "Thank you" started to ferment, with a mellow smell like that of malt. The second jar that was exposed to the words "You fool" rotted and turned black. Interestingly, though, the jar that was ignored rotted before the rice that was exposed to "You fool". According to Emoto:

"It seems that being ridiculed is actually not as damaging as being ignored. To give your positive or negative attention to something is a way of giving energy. The most damaging form of behavior is withholding your attention."

Emoto's wonderment and excitement is so evident in this book. I was captivated by his first-hand stories such as the one where 350 people gathered around a clouded lake in Japan to pray for world peace--and how the clouded water began to clear up in front of their eyes. I was also intrigued as Emoto discussed the research of other scientists such as Dr. Sheldrake, who has done pioneering studies on morphic fields and morphic resonance and how this theory explains synchronicity, group consciousness (collective memory), archetypal patterns, and even the similarities among the features of family members.

I highly recommend The Hidden Messages In Water. Emoto's compelling research speaks a crystal-clear message that has long been taught by sages and mystics: our thoughts and words are powerful, one person can change the world, and love and gratitude is the cure for a polluted consciousness.

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