Hiring the Heavens - A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation by Jean Slatter
“Do you feel connected to Spirit? I’m not talking about whether or not you have a religious background or affiliation. I’m talking about being connected to the power of the Heavens—and bringing it right down here to Earth to use in your everyday life.” – Jean Slatter

The idea of enlisting help from angels, saints, or spiritual helpers is not a new one. For example, some Christian denominations teach that angels or saints are more than willing to help humans in their everyday lives as they navigate the twists and turns of earthly living.

However, many are disillusioned with formal religion in the new millennium and one result is the sense of being alone in the Universe. Yet, there remains a desire to connect with something bigger than the self—to believe that someone or something is looking out for us and is willing to help manage our lives.

With war, terroristic acts, cruelty and suffering flooding 24-hour news channels and other media, it’s not uncommon to hear jaded folks wondering “If there is a God, then why in the world is he asleep on the job?!”

What hasn’t been considered is that we are the proverbial hands, feet, eyes, and mouth of the Divine. Could it be that we “have not because we ask not”, as Jesus taught? Violating free will is not in the plan of the Heavens, so then could it be that we must engage the spirits of creation on our behalf?

In the book Hiring the Heavens – A Practical Guide to Developing Working Relationships with the Spirits of Creation author Jean Slatter makes a convincing case that not only are the spirits of creation ready to help us with the “real stuff” of life, but that it is our birthright and mission as extensions of God to joyfully wield the creative power of the Universe.

To be sure, some are not ready to assume the posture of a creator because this in turn implies responsibility. But as Slatter states:

When we see ourselves as divinely sanctioned creatures, something quite amazing happens. The transformation is unmistakable. We live life from a different vantage point. We recognize our authority to summon the vast resources of the Heavens and all of the eager spiritual assistance that’s available for everything we do. We discover that all conceivable problems can be solved by our connection to this incredible power. With this new awareness we can shape our lives purposefully, creating joy and fulfillment with such ease that it feels like a miracle. From now on our lives can be deliberate, joyful expressions of the infinite Source of all creation and possibilities. Heaven can finally be brought down to Earth.

Hiring the Heavens conveys a simple message that is found in other books and teachings, but is packaged in a fresh, accessible way. Slatter approaches enlisting help from the Heavens as a hiring process. Just as you might hire an interior decorator, a chef, a babysitter or an accountant, you can do the same with the spirit helpers. In fact, Slatter asserts that for every earthly “job” there is a spiritual counterpart waiting in the wings.

For example, let’s say your house is a disaster, the kids need to be taken to different extra-curricular activities and bills are sitting on your desk. You feel overwhelmed. The first thing you may choose to do is “hire” a spiritual organizer! Ask for organizational aid for accomplishing what you need to do (preferably with joy and grace intact!). You can even create a spirit committee with your Organizer at the helm.  Invoke a spiritual accountant to help you deal with the bills, a spiritual housecleaner to help you de-clutter and tidy up, and a spiritual chauffeur to get the kids where they need to go on time. Hold “staff meetings” and delegate tasks to the spirits of creation.

Sounds too good to be true? All I can say is get Hiring the Heavens and try the process yourself! I’ve tried it several times (from a skeptical viewpoint) and I was amazed at how it worked. For example, I was looking through my media center trying to find a particular CD-ROM. After looking through several rows of CD’s and CD-ROM’s for some time, I remembered the concept of hiring the Heavens. I decided to try it out and said under my breath “I need a spiritual detective to help me find this software!” I no more got the words out and my eyes alighted upon the CD-ROM I needed.

I couldn’t believe it.

I’ve tried it several times already, with amazing success. I’m building up my “hiring muscles” as it were, because I had lost faith in angels or spirit helpers over the years—mostly as a result of extreme difficulty (such as my first husband contracting leukemia, suffering for a year, and then dying.)  We were both Charismatic Christian pastors at the time, and actually taught the concept of sending angels out on assignment. To experience what we did left me disappointed and wary of any “help” from the heavens. However, I now realize that I needed some major paradigm shifts in the area of expectations, fear, life purpose, and the point of “Earth school”.

Hiring the Heavens is a 131-paged softcover book and includes several “Committee Worksheets” in the back.. Also included are three Angel Express Cards issued from the Bank of Creation. Tucked onto the book flap and easily cut out for use, they are valid today/always/forever.

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