Your Personal Horoscope 2006 - Joseph Polansky
“For thousands of years the movements of the planets and other heavenly bodies have intrigued the best minds of every generation. Life holds no greater challenge or joy than this: knowledge of ourselves and the universe we live in. Astrology is one of the keys to this knowledge.” – Joseph Polansky

Now in its thirteenth year, Your Personal Horoscope 2006 by Joseph Polansky contains all you need to know about your personal horoscope for the upcoming year.

The author provides comprehensive information on each sign including strongest virtues, deepest needs, colors that promote love, romance, social harmony, and earning power, gems, metals, scents, quality most needed for balance, best sign to have fun with, sign most helpful to career, best day of the week and much more. He then profiles each sign, including how they deal with finance, career and public image, love and relationships, and home and domestic life. And that’s not even the horoscope part!

General trends for 2006 are given which includes each sign’s overall forecast for health, home, domestic, and family issues, love and social life, finance and career and self improvement. Then the author breaks it down into month-by-month forecasts and details the best days overall, best days for love, best days for money, most stressful days overall, monthly career peaks, and monthly pleasure peaks.

For example, I’m a Scorpio Sun and 2006 holds some big pay-offs for me as Jupiter enters my Sign. Because Saturn will be in my 10th House of Career, I’ll also have to continue to work my butt off! My 7th and 11th Houses will be empty, for the most part, which means that intimate relationships and friendships won’t hold much importance for me in 2006. The upcoming year also heralds creating a fun atmosphere at home (as if there aren’t enough toys around!) and dealing with mood swings and volatile emotions (who, me?) in a constructive way. Looks like a wild ride for the year ahead!

One thing I really liked was how the author describes Scorpios. Quite frankly, I’m so tired of reading about the over-sexed and vindictive stereotype. It was refreshing to see the Phoenix elements of Scorpio explained and how profound, fundamental transformation is our driving force.

Each sign gets about 40 pages worth of attention so this is quite a comprehensive book! Totaling 444 pages in all, Your Personal Horoscope 2006 also provides a brief astrological glossary (aspects, ascendant, retrogrades, grand trine, long-term planets, etc.) as well as a brief overview of the 12 Houses and the issues they govern and the three astrological qualities (cardinal, fixed, and mutable).

This book is jam-packed with information and light on “fluff”. However, the author gets a bit too definitive in my opinion (“a parent will be moving this year”). Still, this is a great book for a personalized understanding of astrological trends for 2006.

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