In an astrological chart, there are 12 Houses that encompass different facets of personality and life. Here are the 12 Houses of the Zodiac, their natural Sign ruler, and the different activities and experiences we encounter throughout our lives.

First House Ruled by Aries. The House of self, ego, persona, natural disposition and tendencies, self-interest, general outlook and physical body. Parts of body: head and face

Second House Ruled by Taurus. The House of possessions, values, gain or loss, self-esteem/self-worth, and money matters. Parts of body: ears and throat

Third House Ruled by Gemini. The House of communications, neighborhood, education/studies, , mental inclinations and ability, short journeys, writings, and siblings. Parts of body: arms, hands, shoulders, collarbone, lungs, and nervous system.

Fourth House Ruled by Cancer. The House of home, environment, domestic affairs, parents, the father, property, results of undertakings, and general condition at the end of life. Parts of body: breasts, digestive organs, and stomach

Fifth House Ruled by Leo. The House of creativity, speculation, gambling, pleasure and pleasurable emotions, love affairs and children. Parts of body: back and heart

Sixth House Ruled by Virgo. The House of service, employees, health, sickness, food, medicines, small animals,  clothing, and occupation. Parts of body: solar plexus and bowels

Seventh House Ruled by Libra. The House of marriage. partnerships, contracts,  lawsuits, opposition, dealings with others/the public, and known opponents. Parts of body: lower half of back, kidneys, and ovaries

Eighth House Ruled by Scorpio. The House of sex, death and all matters connected to the dead, regeneration, astral experiences, inheritances and gain through the money of others, legacy, and other people's resources. Parts of body: reproductive system, bladder, and musculature

Ninth House Ruled by Sagittarius. The House of mental exploration, religion, publishing, long journeys, foreign countries, brothers/sisters in-law, visions, dreams, psychic experiences, philanthropy, scientific tendencies, and philosophy. Parts of body: thighs and liver

Tenth House Ruled by Capricorn. The House of career, business affairs, occupation/profession,  honor, fame, promotion, employer, affairs of the country or government, social standing, and the mother. Parts of body: knees

Eleventh House Ruled by Aquarius. The House of hopes, wishes, friends, financial condition of employer, groups of associates, and circumstances beyond your personal control. Parts of body: ankles

Twelfth House Ruled by Pisces. The House of self-undoing, secrets, private affairs, hospitals, prisons, institutions, restraint, unknown enemies, large animals, the occult, exile, seclusion, unexpected/unseen trouble, limitations, difficulty, sorrow, and the collective unconscious. Parts of body: feet

Note: According to Llewellyn's New A to Z Horoscope Maker and Interpreter: "Traditional astrologer assign the father to the Fourth House and the mother to the Tenth House. Some modern astrologer reverse this order while still others assign the parent of the same sex to the Fourth House and the parent of the opposite sex to the Tenth House. In actuality, it would appear that the parent who plays the emotional, nurturing, domestic role is represented by the Fourth House and the parent who fulfills the authoritarian, financially supportive role is ruled by the Tenth House."

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