How Would It Feel? - Mary  Beth Goddard
“How would it feel
If cold were a place
Where ice had a voice
And snow had a face?” – From the book

How Would It Feel? is a delightful story intended for children ages 4-6, although older children will likely derive great pleasure from this book. Author Mary Beth Goddard wrote this fantastical tale for her son, Alex, who has been challenged by ill health since his birth. Anna Mycek-Wodecki’s whimsical watercolor illustrations—reminiscent of the art of Flavia Weedn—is a beautiful pairing for Goddard’s gentle prose.

Encouraging children to enter the realm of possibility, How Would It Feel? invites children to imagine the embrace of the moon and the kiss of the sun. What would it be like to swing from the arms of a shooting star, shake hands with lightning, or wake up inside of a flower? Goddard asks these playful questions while Mycek-Wodecki’s breathtaking artwork accentuates a realm beyond limitation

Not only is How Would It Feel? great for beginning readers and as a bedtime story, but also for young and old alike who are nourished by tales of wonder, nature, and whimsy.

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