How to Give an Angel Card Reading - Doreen Virtue
“It’s not enough to read the cards. We need to be receptive to the messages that come through thoughts, words, visions, and feelings.” – From the DVD

Since 1996, angel therapist Dr. Doreen Virtue has taught thousands of people how to connect, communicate, and heal with the angels. In the How to Give an Angel Card Reading Kit, Dr. Virtue gives instructions on consecrating and “clearing” a new deck, knowing when to stop shuffling, and laying out and interpreting a 3-card spread.

The kit comes in a sturdy, attractive box featuring a lid trimmed in shimmering gold fabric. The box measures approximately 5 ¾ X 5 ¾ inches and contains the Archangel Oracle Cards deck and Guidebook, as well as a DVD.

Oracle cards, says Dr. Virtue, are a “no-brainer” way to talk to heaven and that you can’t make a mistake when using them. When giving a reading, “we are a telephone for heaven. We don’t edit or censor the message, we just deliver it.”

According to Dr. Virtue, angels answer the prayer of the heart, which is why cards may not seem relevant to the question asked. Individuals often ask they question they think they should ask, rather than what’s really of concern to them. The angels, via the cards chosen, answer the question of the heart—not necessarily the question voiced to the reader.

The main instruction part of the DVD is 1 hour 8 minutes long and features ethereal background music from Steven Halpern’s Gifts of the Angels CD. After Dr. Virtue gives a 3-card Past/Present/Future reading for the viewing audience, she then goes on to give readings to four people. All of these readings were shot live and were unscripted. Dr. Virtue interpreted 3-card spreads according to specific questions dealing with life purpose, a love relationship, career, and a general question of “What would my angels like me to know today?”

The Special Features section of the DVD includes:

Photo Gallery
Doreen’s interview on Richard and Judy (British TV show)
About Doreen (text)
Web links

The interview ran 8:39 minutes and I found it intriguing. The host asks Doreen to differentiate between schizophrenic hallucinations and seeing angels. Interestingly, they showed a clip from a UK workshop with Doreen. However, the hosts mentioned they weren’t allowed to show clairvoyance—only the reactions of participants! During the interview, Doreen emphasized, “calling on the angels is the quickest way to healing”.

How to Give an Oracle Card Reading Kit is a fine introduction to using Dr. Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards and performing angel readings for yourself and others. However, if you already have the Archangel Oracle Card and Guidebook, the only new element to this kit is the DVD.  Dr. Virtue doesn’t use a variety of spreads, demonstrate with her other decks, nor does she address incorporating and interpreting reversed images in a reading. Therefore, if you’re already accustomed to giving basic Past/Present/Future readings and own the Archangel Oracle Cards, you may want to pass on this kit. Nevertheless, for those individuals new to angel card readings and the Archangel Oracle Cards, the How to Give an Angel Card Reading Kit is a lovely starter set for beginners.

Below are 3 cards from this Kit. To see 6 more images from the Archangels Oracle Cards, click here.

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